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Unwarranted Declarations of Elder Incompetencies and the Unjust Taking of Time

Updated on September 2, 2009
The face of our past and the face of our future.  Caring now matters.
The face of our past and the face of our future. Caring now matters.

A Question Regarding The Precidents Being Set

I realize everyone is engrossed in watching our national economy wind its way down the drain and be replaced with preparations for the rumored global government complete with currency and economic infrastructure to take its place, however I think at the same time we as a nation are in dire need to continue to be mindful of symptoms of local deterioration. Symptoms like the poor state of respect and honor toward our Elders as issued from the Adult Protective Services in Texas, and the corresponding Court System who among others wait expectantly in the wing to receive their take in the wake of the first predators on the scene.

You see, I once again have heard through the grape-vine about another elderly family who is being victimized by a state and federal system which has more to monetarily gain through incarceration of our elderly in institutionalized care than when they are independently living undisturbed through their own means.

This is similar to the ongoing problem of child services having more monetary incentives to find ways to get the children of large families ensconced within the social services system where the money rolls and flows. I believe this is virtually a silent problem growing within our midst. How many other elders are being hijacked into a self-absorbed bureaucracy exhibiting a voracious appetite for the lives and resources of those who have little means and energy to defend themselves in a complex system?

It is not like the leaching of America is anything new, just look at GM and Chrysler. They know all too well and first hand, meaning right now not in the distant past, what it is like to deal face to face with our current brand of government. So when the ptb run short on the tangible resources of American corporations and the public coffers, of which they’ve had a field day, then they turn to the individuals. And the Elderly are easy pickings.

So where are the champions? Where are the Elder Advocates and Mediators? Where are individuals like the Director of the Center for Elder Justice and Policy at William Mitchell College of Law? Or C&S Healthcare Services, Inc and others like it in Texas? My bad for pointing fingers, but protection from tyranny should not only be for the prime, hale, and financially endowed in this world. Where are the so-called experts who should, by all means possible, be jumping into the fray to sort out the blood-suckers from real needs and real support of needs?

There is certainly no shortage of Elder Mediation trainings. Here’s a short list:

  • The Center for Social Gerontology presents its Adult Guardianship / Family Caregiver Mediation Training October 1-3, 2009
  • 2-Day Advanced Training in Elder Mediation: Adult Guardianship and Family Caregiver Mediation, Dec 1 - 2, 2009 Chicago – Center for Conflict Resolution.
  • Manousso Mediation is teaming up with Conflict Connections in San Antonio, Texas, to present Elder Mediation training on September 10th and 11th in San Antonio, Texas

Just to name a few. They are occurring rather regularly now all over the nation. Supposidly they are churning out champions of Elders; those willing and able to be available when things like this happen.

When these Elders are taken into custody there is the equivalent of the unjust taking of their time on this Earth which is made more valuable by the very fact that it may be preciously little. And that doesn't even address what happens to their property and resources. They have been essentially deprived of their freedoms and subjected to incarceration with no hope of parole, where everyone in the system benefits by their being and remaining there.

So again I ask, where are all the individuals, groups, corporations, or social engineers who are involved in this industry? Are they all lip service or can one small elderly couple and any others in the same situation, become instantly surrounded and preserved in their well being and just freedoms from those with sticky fingers? Why am I hearing such a story drag out its torture on at least one pair to such an extent? Or is this just one more nail in our own national coffin because we are all too young to care about the precedent being set?

Hey, for tyranny in any color or flavor, it is free reign once served….


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