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Up Date On My Parkinsons Disease

Updated on October 11, 2011

Just when I think It can't get any worse this demon called Parkinson's Disease (PD) attacks my body in a different place with a new crazy symptom. It's like a Jack In a box. I never know where or when it will pop up next. I want to just give up some days.and let PD take what's left of this dysfunctional body.

I am experiencing symptoms now that really scare me. I am having problems walking and using my hands. The thing I was afraid of most, Having to use a wheel chair is now reality. I only use it when going somewhere that requires a lot of walking. Shuffling ,gaiting.and poor coordination.all contribute to me not being able to walk well. Typing with one finger and learning to use my left hand is the way I cope with my hand problems.

Yes I get angry, depressed and throw pity parties, but I won't stay there. There is still more good in my life than bad. The joy of my Lord is my strength. My kids and my grand kids are more than enough to live for. I will live one day at a time.


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