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Updates On Life

Updated on June 24, 2013


I have literally had this blank post waiting in my drafts for over six months now. Sometimes finding words to write can be difficult when you are unsure what you wish to share. Finding words can be even more difficult when you are battling with your own eyes to see what you need them to see, and your own head seems to be your worst enemy.

I was diagnosed last year with PsuedoTumor Cerebri. What I won't do is go into details about it medically. Learning that kind of thing is never fun. What I will do is update you on what I have been up to while not posting on Hubpages.

Scariest Day Ever

I have never been a huge fan of hospitals, so an impending hospital visit was NOT something I was looking forward to. Back in December I had to have a spinal tap to not only test the pressure of the excess fluid in my brain, but also to alleviate some of that pressure by removing some of the excess fluid. I was very lucky to have literally the best hospital staff I have ever encountered, and I was able to walk, albeit not upright, out of the hospital a few hours later.

The pain has sucked, the medication sucks, the headaches suck, but most of all I wonder where my mind has wandered off to because I can't seem to remember anything anymore. It's okay to laugh, although it is frustrating sometimes, laughing makes it a little more bearable.

Moving On

My life has been a series of doctor visits and medication changes. I think I have had more eye exams than one person gets in their entire lifetime, and I believe my Neuro-Ophthalmologist enjoys torturing me with eye-dilating drops.

I have still been writing. I created a second blog where I have to think a little less but put in a little more effort. It's linked on my profile if you REALLY want to see it. I hope to be able to add more content to this one as I was before but sometimes it's hard to fight the headaches and the double vision for more than an hour to see the computer to do so.

Ohio has been okay. Nothing spectacular has happened here that is worth mentioning thus far. I mostly hang out with my friend, or Dexter and I visit with the neighbors. He is the heart throb of the apartments here, and he loves it.

There may be moving in the future, not sure yet. City life is definitely NOT for me. This is barely scratching the surface of the madness but I'll leave that for another day.

Still Smiling

Sometimes you still have to smile through the tough stuff. If I didn't laugh at how ridiculous things are most days I would probably pull my hair out. There have been so many fantastic things that have happened; and so many heartbreaking things. Finding the strength inside to pull through while seeing the beauty around you is always important.


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