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Responsibilities of quality healthcare!

Updated on January 18, 2015

Healthcare services and programs

I believe that the responsibilities of quality should be placed on the legislation, managed care and others who present health care programs to the public. I say this because the public can only do so much with the information that is provided to them. And if those who are in charge of implemented health care policy and programs listened to the public or consumers concern for better health care services, medicines, insurances. Then the public can readily accept from leaders in our health care system and then proceed forward towards accessing the quality of health care.

The public or consumers should be responsible for accessing the quality care by enlisting federal programs and participating in seminars or other services like these that deal with prevention, healthy alternative lifestyle. If there are concerns about Medicare or Medicaid and other such health insurances. Then I believe that the legislation, managed care, health care organization, medical communities should be involved along with the public to rectify and deal with the concerns of health care. I do not think that one group should have more responsibilities than the other; I think that everyone that is involved with health care should take full responsibility for their part in it. So consumers on up to the legislation need to do their part in ensuring that all of us receive the quality and access that we need to great health care.

It is believed that if healthcare providers and healthcare consumers work together to assist the needs of everyone that is involved with health care then our health care system will be more readily to sustain its self in futures to come. It is believed that if our health care system receives the reform that it needs then patients’ will be able to receive better care in hospitals and other medical attention that is needed.Doctors, nurses and other medical professionals who honestly work to provide correct care for their patients should be given extra help and resources to continue the care that they are providing.

Consumers feel this same way about hospitals that are really trying to do what is right concerning their patients and staff. It is believed that these hospitals should be rewarded or given more money to function and cover their expenses so that they can continue to practice good medicine without the worry or strain of closing down. I also think that health care providers should keep in mind the needs of the consumers and find creative ways to help them without going under themselves. And as society evolves and multiply health care organizational perspectives should also change to accommodate the needs of society. I just hope that the perspectives are fair and accommodating to every one’s needs that are involved.

Furthermore, the government regulates the markets to insure that price controls and professional licenses requirements are being implemented or enforced. The government also intervenes in the markets to ensure the safety of consumers and business owners. The quality of services, especially healthcare services, must be evaluated frequently by regulation agencies or the government to ensure that the best of care is being provided. The government has also intervened within the markets by establishing antitrust laws and policies that can help govern the activities of competitive organizations or businesses (Jacobs & Rapoport, 2004). Moreover, the distribution of services or products within the healthcare markets must be managed properly to ensure that there are enough resources to provide services for consumers. Therefore, the government must also intervene with the distribution aspect of health care markets to ensure the quantity and quality of services

Health care professionals must provide quality health care that is beneficial to all including themselves. Physicians along with other health care professionals must operate and function properly within their organizations to provide quality health care to all of their patients or clients. Quality health care is very important to both healthcare providers and the public alike. Therefore, many health care organizations are also paying attention to the information that has been presented in the new health care reform. Some organizations are in agreement with the health care reform because they share similar beliefs with our president.


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