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Ups and Downs with a Chronic Illness

Updated on November 9, 2014

Green tea and what I have learned

Green tea contains Theanine which is an antioxidant found naturally only in tea but can also be found in a supplement. It can be taken in pill form but you need to follow the instructions or it will not help. After many research studies, it has been found to help in the following situations:

  • Increase alertness and improve memory,
  • Boost energy,
  • Relieve anxiety,
  • Aid relaxation without drowsiness,
  • Protect brain cells,
  • Increase levels of dopamine and norepinephrine (which can be low in both conditions,)
  • Lower glutamate activity (which can be high in fibromyalgia,)
  • Boost T cell production (which can be low in chronic fatigue syndrome,)
  • Help regulate the sleep-wake cycle.

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Fibromyalgia or Something else

Do you have Fibromyalgia or another disorder related to Fibromyalgia?

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Coconut Oil and Fibromyalgia

  • Another supplement that is used is Coconut oil.
  • It can either be taken by spoon from a jar or in a pill form.
  • Dosages are usually by spoon maybe upto 3 tablespoons or 1000 mg by pill form.
  • It helps to boost energy, keep joints moving and give your immune a helping hand.

I have a shoulder that gets stuck once in awhile but if I take this the mobility is much better. It has helped in lots of ways. It makes a difference in daily living if you have Fibromyalgia.



Green tea -

  • Anti-inflammitory
  • Immune system boost

Coconut Oil -

  • Omega-3 fatty acids

Facts about Green tea and Fibromyalgia

Green tea can be used in the treatment of Fibromyalgia chronic pain. It does not have the nasty side effects that many of the over the counter drugs like Ibuprofen and no asprin.

Nehad Soloman, MD, FACR, a rheumatologist in Phoenix, Arizona, says supplements can be effective in treating many of the symptoms of fibromyalgia: "Supplements don't usually interfere with common fibromyalgia treatments." Some natural herbal and supplemental remedies target specific aspects of fibromyalgia. "Some help reduce inflammation, while others reduce the depression often associated with fibromyalgia or prevent muscle cramping," says Dr. Soloman.

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My thoughts on them both

Coconut helps with the immune system and energy level. It stabilizes blood sugar, improves thyroid function, helps with weight loss, and improves mental clarity and stability.

Green tea does some of the same but also helps with energy, calms the nerves and can also aid in sleep.

All I know is that even most doctors do not talk much about how these supplements, tea or actual oil. I find they both help with the chronic pain and other discomforts of fibromyalgia.


To sum up the whole hup is to say that both have helped my Fibromyalgia. However, you could take either one to help you feel better. I am not a doctor so please check with your doctor before trying either of these options.

Fibroymyalgia is a under studied disability and or disease. It is hard to understand what it is happening inside of the body that has to live with it. Whether it be over active nerves, pain spasms in places that are not supposed to feel them, the doctors of the world do not know what it is, what causes it or how to help us. I am just offering a idea if you do not like to take drugs.


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