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Urinary Tract Infections - A sympathetic View

Updated on March 7, 2011

Re-occuring Urine Infections are not nice!

Urinary Tract Infections also known as cystitis and UTI's, they affect the whole bladder and sometimes involve the kidneys and the ureters (the tubes that carry the urine to the bladder) and the urethra (the tube through which you urinate).

My adhesions have affected my bladder and i suffer from constant UTI's I take antibiotics everyday to try and stop them getting and more aggrevated but find that most of the time the symptoms are bad. The constant need to go to the toilet is the worse as sometimes the bladder is not full. When I urinate it is painful and burns and sometimes I find blood.

For those of you that also suffer with UTI's or cystitis im sure all of you have tried many remedies to try and alleviate the symptoms. When suffering it is very difficult to concentrate, you patience is pushed to the limit and often can leave you feeling very low.

My Top Seven Tips that I have found work or help me with the symptoms:

1. Drink Cranberry juice, try and drink 1 carton (large) of cranberry juice within 1 hour. This fills your bladder with the juice and the cranberry has a large amount of anti-oxidants that help to change the acidity in your bladder. This will give instant relief but please note this does not cure the problem and if not treated it will return.

2. Drink lots of water. Flush through your bladder and keep flushing. I understand there is a tendency to stop drinking as going to the toilet is so painful, but persistance will pay off.

3. Avoid Caffeine, Colas, Alcohol and for some people spicy foods. Its ok not for ever just until your symptoms have gone.

4. Underwear, make sure you wear cotton underwear and no g-strings to prevent the infection spreading. Once the infection has gone you can then go back to wearing your sexy ones.

5. Doctor. Make sure you visit a GP and have a urine test taken to ensure you get the correct anti-biotics for the infection you have.

6. Sexual Intercourse. If you are sexually active make sure you urinate before sex and within 30 minutes after to ensure you flush out the urinary tract.

7. Yoghurts. Eating probiotic yoghurts and drinks maybe helpful and i have found this to be of good use to my symptoms. Eating or drinking one a day can help along with any medication you are given from the GP.

BATH - A nice warm bath is the perfect rest from the constant nagging of wanting to go to the toilet. Do NOT use bubble bath this will make it worse.

Once your symptoms have passed then it is a great relief, UTI's can reoccur at any time and often are caused by E-Coli bacteria, organisms that live in the intestinal tract but that can travel to the bladder.

Chlamydia, a sexually transmitted organism is another cause of UTI's and if you have had a urine infection recently that it may be a good idea to ask your GP or local sexual health clinic for Chlamydia Test. You can also purchase one a your local boots the chemist.

Women are more vulnerable to UTI's then men as the tubes that we urinate from is shorter and its location ideal for bacteria to enter. Many women can develop "honeymoon cystitis" inflammation caused by sexual intercourse.

So whether you have cystitis or a UTI, through illness or have a good time!!! I understand its not pleasant, in fact it can really get you down, but please try one of my above remedies and i hope that it may help in some way.


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