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Urine Therapy For Acne

Updated on February 11, 2017

Urine Therapy For Acne

Ones own urine has been used for medicinal purposes for years. Different cultures all over the world have discovered a wide variety of ailments that have been helped or even cured by using your own urine.

The correct term for treating a medical condition with your own urine is urotherapy or uropathy. When using urine to treat acne the idea is simply to dab and massage it into your skin as you would a facial toner.

I must stress we are talking about your own urine for this treatment, not someone elses, the thought of applying pee to my face was quite something to get to grips with, the thought of using someone elses would probably have given me nightmares.

Just briefly touching on not using your own urine, I did read somewhere that babies pee is even stronger and works much quicker than using your own and it suggested if you have a baby in the house just dab a swab in a diaper. I am sorry but that is something even I cannot get my head around.

18th Century France - Bathing In Urine

In 18 Century France, it has been reported that women used to take baths and soak themselves in urine, now I am unsure how they managed to fill a bath, with even the best will in the world and drinking solidly around the clock I don't believe I could actually produce enough pee to fill a bath, I can only assume that it wasn't all their own? Now that really is a Eww moment of grand proportions.

I certainly wouldn't be doing this in an 18th Century French bath
I certainly wouldn't be doing this in an 18th Century French bath

Before we go any further the treatment we are looking at today involves dabbing urine onto your skin, no you are not going to be asked to digest or drink any and certainly not take a bath in it.

So putting the cringes to one side this is not some old wifes tale, this is a natural home remedy to cure acnee that actually works and it isn't going to cost you a bean. When I say it works, I just want to clarify that it helps cure acne, it will help you obtain a clearer skin and clear up those spots. This treatment will do little if anything in helping you to rid acne scars that is a different matter.

What Is In Urine

Unlike a stool which is a toxic waste product, urine only contains a very small amount of actual waste, it is completely sterile and non-toxic. Urine actually contains vitamins, acids, minerals and hormones, the levels of each dependant on your current state of health. The active ingredients that assist in helping acne are:

  • Zinc
  • Vitamin C
  • Urea
  • Ammonia
  • Bicarbonate
  • Corticosteroids
  • Salt and Magnesium

How to Treat Acne: Urine Therapy

If you have got this far you are either very curious or after trying everything else you haven't ruled out the possibility of treating your acne with urine. The next section details the few simple steps for this rather unusual acne treatment.

  • We have already established that you should be using your own urine, it must also be the first one of the day as soon as you awake as this is the strongest as it has been in your bladder all through the night.
  • When you first start to go to the toilet leave the first couple of seconds to flow, stop midstream and catch some in a small container, you don't need a lot.
  • Using a cotton wool swab, gently apply the urine to your acne scars or spots.
  • Leave the urine on your skin for between 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing off.
  • It will not harm you leaving it on longer and believe it or not, as the urine starts to dry out there won't be any smell (no you won't smell like a public lavatory).
  • As long as you have saved some in the container you can apply this at least twice a day.
  • Just before retiring to bed you can apply the same urine for overnight use too, this is probably the best time to apply it.
  • If you keep the urine in a container for more than 24 hours it will turn into a concentrate which you can apply to darker spots.
  • Pop along to your local health center or doctors and ask them for a sample bottle, they will happily provide you with one and no you won't have to tell them what you want the bottle for.
  • Don't over think about what you are doing, we apply creams, perfumes and chemicals to our bodies every day, if only we knew what was in half of the products we apply to our skin.

Some people experience a very slight tingling using this method but keep the treatment up and you should notice an improvement in just a few days time. It is totally free and as long as you can get your head around the fact you are applying pee to your face what have you got to lose.

Remember though, this isn't a try once and cure treatment, it is one that you are going to have to persevere with for a while although in using this method you should notice an improvement in just a matter of days.

Peeing into a container is obviously easier for the guys so ladies, get yourself a spare jug and as you probably don't want to be collecting samples too often why not get yourself a small plastic container with a screw top lid, you can always leave it in the bathroom.

Urine A Treatment For Acne


Urine does help in curing spots and outbreaks of acne but for best results do not use it as some kind of wonder or miracle treatment. Don't see it as a one way attack on acne, see it as part of a routine that should also include watching your diet, consuming more Omega 3 and avoiding things that clog your pores and things that make your skin greasy.

Would You Consider Using Your Urine To Treat Acne

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    • kimbles profile image

      kimbles 3 years ago from The World

      jhels I would imagine twice a day would be fine, once in the morning and once at night.

    • profile image

      jhels 3 years ago

      How many times a day do i apply urine?

    • kimbles profile image

      kimbles 5 years ago from The World

      I am not aware of any side effects LiZz I haven't seen any reported.

    • profile image

      liZz 5 years ago

      Now, this would be great to try, but do you HAVE 2 save the... *pee? And what about side effects? But other than that Thxx and i will give it a try.

    • kimbles profile image

      kimbles 6 years ago from The World

      I guess we all put worse things on our faces chemical wise at one time or another, if only we knew the truth about what was contained in most make-up and facial lotions.

    • profile image

      ristac 6 years ago from Northampton

      sounds pretty disgusting but if it works and it is free why not!!