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Usages of Ayurveda that none told you about

Updated on December 17, 2016

If you think that Ayurveda is just a buzzword, think again! It’s been here for more than 5000 years. Ayurveda is actually a Sanskrit word and it means life knowledge. If you are not aware of Ayurveda and its benefits, please read on for enhancing your knowledge on this matter:

Oral care in Ayurveda

In Ayurveda, oral care is entirely different from what we see in the modern dental care. In ancient India where people used to practice Ayurveda would eat cloves and chew on neem sticks for better oral care. They even used neem oil to get rid of the toxins from the oral cavity. Traditional Ayurvedic toothpaste is not white; rather it is a dark brown powder. If you combine the regular brushing and flossing routine with oil pulling – it should help prevent halitosis, gingivitis, gum receding, dry mouth and bad digestion. It also reduces acidity in the mouth thereby strengthening the enamels and gets rid of the environmental toxins.

Clay Neti Pot

If you perform nasal saline irrigation with a clay neti pot, it is expected to soothe inflammation in the sinuses, thereby preventing any sort of sinus infections. Apart from that, this really works in alleviating symptoms of the seasonal allergies. Not only that, but if you use neti Pot regularly, that should moisturize the dry sinuses, usually experienced in the smoggy areas.

Ayurvedic use of Carrot

Sattvic Cooking

Sattvic is a Sanskrit word and it means pure. Sattvic cooking involves using food ingredients which are grown on ground. Usually black pepper and turmeric are considered as the must use ingredients of sattvic cooking. Foods prepared through sattvic cooking are free of additives, preservatives and sugar. These foods are known to increase metabolism, contribute to a better immune system, reduce signs of aging, ensure better sleep at night and call for a better digestion system. Incidentally, many modern medicines have organic roots and spices such as turmeric & black pepper are already known for their medicinal properties.

Yoga practice

Both Yoga and Ayurveda originated ages ago in India. They are known to be two integral components of the very same practice. Doing Yoga regularly will help you to keep your muscles, joints and ligaments strong. You can also perform regular meditation and breath-work exercises to manage stress, increase your blood circulation, stimulate metabolism and lower blood pressure. Yoga is known to decrease the levels of cortisol, the stress hormone which is known to promote inflammation, weight gain, fatigue and anxiety.


There are benefits of getting the kinks out of your muscles and Ayurveda firmly supports the same. If you massage your own neck, face, torso, shoulders or legs with oil on the skin – it is supposed to increase your blood circulation, relax the muscles and calm the nerves. This also releases toxins from the tissues thereby reducing inflammation. Dead skin is also removed through self-massage, thereby opening pores for improvement of sweat release.

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Drinking hot water with lemon

Ayurveda suggests having hot water with lemon juice in the morning for increased metabolism. Apart from that, it will also release the toxins from your body. Hot water is absorbed pretty fast in human body and thereby cleanses your lymphatic system.

Ayurveda is more of a lifestyle which you need to embrace whole-heartedly to reap the most benefits. Even if you cannot adapt to an Ayurvedic lifestyle completely, doing parts of it is also beneficial on the longer run.


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