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Use Addiction to Your Victory and Your Detriment

Updated on February 27, 2016

The Way to Consume Aversion to Exercise

Daoism Scroll
Daoism Scroll | Source

Subtle Addictive Qualities

Subtle addictive qualities are what gets attributed to the completion of any daily routine. The result is the activity being done. Each time you complete the result your brain process tells you, "I did that".

This is a subtle addictive quality because you crave that result and the "I did that" that accompanies it. Let's say you are carrying around extra weight and you can pinpoint exactly the necessary addictions to commit yourself and get the results you desire.

This is addictive qualities put to good use to promote your rejuvenation you in your life. Work with the methods that work best with you. Maybe you feel most comfortable with your achievements knowing there is all the time in the world to accomplish them. Maybe you like deadlines to guide your work's completion.

However you choose to make your efforts to give your results the efforts it takes to accomplish them, remember to make it easy. And go after your results with the framework of prevention well-established. These efforts aren't going to last an hour, one day, one year and then fade into the distance. This is the quality to an addiction and you need to form a lifelong habit! Each time your subtle addictive qualities put you that one completion effort closer to a full fledged lifelong addiction remember to acknowledge the subtlety of your actions to set yourself up with your sought results.

It's your discipline and your style and personality will tinge yours results driven activities. Whether you choose to take over the top each time or to keep a steady keel, perhaps a sense of apathy best suits you to recognize yourself and your efforts.

Keep at it and soon your cigarette each hour might be a cigarette each day and a book read each week. Your daily toe touch routine might extend to include a morning and an evening time version or maybe you will reach to your toes for five minutes each day instead of three.


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