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Enhancin uses and side effects

Updated on January 6, 2014
Enhancin Tablets
Enhancin Tablets
Enhancin - An antibiotic
Enhancin - An antibiotic

Enhancin is a popular brand name of the antibiotic Co- amoxiclav. It is a mixture of antibiotic medication amoxycillin and clavilunic acid. Clavilunic acid inhibits bacterial enzyme that destroys the antibiotic. Therefore, combination of these antibiotics is more effective than amoxicillin alone.

How antibiotics act - Enhancin acts by inhibiting Bacterial cell wall synthesis
How antibiotics act - Enhancin acts by inhibiting Bacterial cell wall synthesis | Source
Bacterial infections that can be treated by Enhancin
Bacterial infections that can be treated by Enhancin | Source

Uses of Enhancin

Enhancin is commonly prescribed for respiratory tract infections, urinary tract infections, dental infections, skin and soft tissue infections and ear infections. It is available in tablet, suspension and intravenous forms.

Enhancin tablets should be swallowed as a whole. Never crush them before swallowing. In addition, take it with a full glass of water.

Suspension form that is available for children should be dissolved in cooled boiled water. It should be dissolved to the mark printed on the bottle. Then it should be shaken well. Do not use dissolved solution if it is more than 7 days old. Keep it refrigerated.

Enhancin is used commonly to treat Pneumonia
Enhancin is used commonly to treat Pneumonia | Source

Side effects of Enhancin

Before prescribing Enhancin you should inform the doctor regarding your current health status. If you have liver or kidney problems then it should be informed to the prescribing doctor.

Generally Enhancin is a well-tolerated medication with fewer side effects profile. However, it is known to cause gastro intestinal upset such as nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. In addition, it can cause allergic reactions in certain individuals. Rashes are commonest allergic reaction that can result from Enhancin.

Much severe form of allergic condition known as anaphylactic reaction can occur with this medication. It is characterized by wide spread hives, difficulty in breathing, edema of the lips and pallor. It is a life threatening condition and you need to send the patient to an emergency department ASAP. It is much more common in intravenous Enhancin.

Other than above side effects, enhancing can cause jaundice or yellowish discoloration of the body due to blocked bile flow.

In addition, rarely this medication can cause fits. Fits or seizures are much common in kidney disease. In addition, it can rarely cause headaches and dizziness.

Enhancin is usually labeled as safe during pregnancy and breast feeding. But small amount of drug goes into breast milk.

Nausea is a common side effect of Enhancin
Nausea is a common side effect of Enhancin | Source


Enhancin is an antibiotic medication. It is used for various types of infections. Main side effects are gastrointestinal upset and allergic reactions.

Do you find Enhancin effective

Do you find Enhancin effective

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    • profile image

      Bivek 2 months ago

      My boy has given enhancing for suspect of stomach ulcer by H. pylori. He felt dizziness ans cramp in legs and joints.

    • profile image

      Arif 7 months ago

      Can I we use enhancin for stomic ulcer also?

    • profile image

      Muhammad Shuaibu 21 months ago

      I took enhancin for inflamed testicle: how effective will it be?

    • njmanura profile image

      Dr Manura Nanayakkara 2 years ago from Sri Lanka


      It is the strongest oral medication. 1.2 g is available for IV use. It can cause feeling weak. However the symptoms you mentioned may be due to disease you are having.

    • profile image

      2 years ago

      Hi.. It is my first day starting this medication. The doc gave me 625mg potency Enhancin. I was wondering is this the strongest of its kind? As i am feeling weaker and the pain enhances, is this normal?

    • profile image

      kenny 2 years ago

      I just took it. My neck and throt became cramps. Painfully. Im . Male. 30 years old. Reason taking... cough a lot

    • profile image

      kimmy 2 years ago

      My baby takes enhancin amd it cramps her

    • njmanura profile image

      Dr Manura Nanayakkara 3 years ago from Sri Lanka

      Cramping and dizziness are rare side effects. But you need to look for other causes.

    • profile image 3 years ago

      I am taking enhancin for the last two days and have cramping in my feet and some dizziness. Is this a side effect.


    • njmanura profile image

      Dr Manura Nanayakkara 4 years ago from Sri Lanka

      Enhancin is known to cause diarrhea and upset stomach. It will go off on its own.

    • profile image

      Terry 4 years ago

      Hie, went to a 24h emergency rooms, had this massive flu, and it had been there for three weeks. I was attended to and was give enhancing intravenous, and some tablets as well 1G, but since I started them have these funny sounds in my tummy, and has been running since, diahorrea, is it normal, please advise am worried.

    • njmanura profile image

      Dr Manura Nanayakkara 5 years ago from Sri Lanka

      Dear jenny

      Enhancin is known to cause allergic rashes, even though it is rare. But you may need to inform this when she gets treatment next time to the doctor. So the doctor will prescribe that is not in the class of Enhancin. It is especially important that you tell this to the doctor, if he/she is going to start intravenous antibiotics.

      Because allergic reaction to an intravenous medication can become lethal.

    • profile image

      jenny 5 years ago

      hi my daughter is 15 mths and she had a fever and the doctor prescribed enhancin 228.5 for her and one day after her fever dissapeared but she got rash all over her body and now i got a genethics allergy syrup for her i hope she will be ok now.

    • profile image

      vivian 5 years ago

      When my boy of 2yrs was having fever he was diagnosed and typhoid was reported. The doctor gave enhancin 312.5 but did not warn about the side effect and i observed that my boy started stooling from the first day of oral administration. I did not know what was the cause until i read it here.