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Use of Essential Oils for Nail Fungus Treatment

Updated on September 27, 2017

Why do we get nail fungus?

Wearing covered footwear through the day keeps the toes warm and may create a dampness due to sweat. This is a conducive atmosphere for fungus to grow.

The Infection Stage

We may not even notice it till it gets infectious. A yellow or sometimes white spot appears under the tip of the nails and when the fungus begins to grow, and gradually, if left untreated the nails discolor and get brittle and the nails crumble or break. Diabetics, smokers or people with a weak immune system tend to get infected more than others.


A lot of research has gone into creating a toe nail fungus cure to treat this infection. Pure essential oils which have the following features are the best course of action to treat it.

  1. The toe nail fungus cure should promote the growth of healthy toenails, cuticles, fingernails and skin.
  2. It should preferably contain Carvacrol, an active ingredient of Oregano Oil, which has been scientifically proven to stop the growth of the fungus.
  3. Natural fungus killers like lemongrass oil, castor seed oil, lauric acid, geranium oil and tea tree oil when infused into the making of the Essential Oil fortifies the product.
  4. The Essential Oil should be purely organic obtained from natural resources.
  5. The treatment product should also help prevent future infection and help in rejuvenating the damaged skin and help build clear toe nails and keep them healthy and strong.


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