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Why Use straws to drink fizzy drinks?

Updated on April 28, 2015
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Kids love fizzy soft drinks .they drive parents mad to get one ,But these treats can play havoc with the teeth as they have sugar and acid which attacks the enamel of the teeth .The exact damage depends on how you drink those fizzy drinks .If you swing from your can letting it pool at the back of your mouth ,then your molars get it ,if you sip from your front teeth they suffer and get damaged take special care when children are young and have milk teeth as for, if they get damaged before they get the permanent set of teeth it becomes very painful for them.

Thus the safest way to drink those fizzy colas through a straw into the back of your mouth minimizing the length of time it's in contact with your teeth .Its great idea if you or your child get to the habit of rinsing the mouth after having a drink .and keep your teeth safe with you for longer length of time rather than becoming aged before you reach old age and become teeth less .The presence of phosphoric and citric acid in fizzy drinks and flavour additives containing malic, tartaric and other organic acids erase the dental enamel and gradually form cavities,after losing its protective layer .

safety measures:-we should sip fizzy drinks and other beverages through a straw to minimise the risk of cavity.

 Decayed portions of our tooth are often seen near the pink gum line. Gradually it increases if proper care is not taken . Follow proper oral hygiene while drinking   beverage to avoid oral problems

Do not drink fizzy drinks or any other sweet drinks  before going to bed.

Rinse your mouth with water after drinking. Always use fluoride toothpaste  to clean your mouth 

Occasionally enjoy soft drink then they do not cause any significant damage.


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