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Used Elliptical Machines

Updated on July 13, 2009

So you love the elliptical exercise machine at the gym but you hate the monthly membership dues you have to pay to use it?  Why not purchase one for your home where you can continue your workout for less than what you’re paying now?  Cross trainers range in price from $199 to $6,000 depending on what manufacturer you like or what you needs are.  If you are serious about purchasing one of these for you own home gym, here are some things you should look for in order to get a top notch dual workout machine.

The Design

You probably already realize that not all elliptical fitness equipment is produced equally.  You’ve seen the many different models in the gym and there are some you like more than others. In order to find one that will last and give you the workout you want we suggest that you find one that has a rear drive with an eddy current brake system for smooth motion.  You also want one that has a heavy flywheel to give you a smoother stride and arm motion.  Don’t forget to find out what type of programming and electronics it has so you can be assured of getting on with the right type of workouts.


Obviously, cheaply produced elliptical trainer machines are going to have components that will not last as well as machines that are produced better.  This doesn’t mean you are going to pay an arm and a leg for one.  Just make sure you ask the manufacturer what their track record for part longevity is before purchasing the machine.

Price Range

As with everything else, there will be some inexpensive trainers that are just as good – if not better – than the most expensive on the market.  Not everyone has $6,000 to spend, so look for the cross trainer that is the best in your budget range.  Also check on the warranty and how comprehensive it is.  Elliptical fitness machines tend to stand up better than other gym equipment, but you need to know that you machine is backed by a warranty that will fix quality issues as well as provide service when you need it.

Company Reputation for Customer Service

Finally, purchase your elliptical cross trainer from a company that stands behind it and is willing to answer a question or issue professionally and courteously. 

Things To Consider Before Buying An Elliptical Trainer

When you are researching gym equipment to purchase for your home gym, you will find yourself investigating used elliptical machines due to the dual action of upper and lower body workouts all in one neat little package.  It is a low-impact exercise machine that is easy on the joints, and it helps you burn more calories in less time than most other exercise machines on the market today.  

How To Spot A Top Notch Elliptical Trainer

There are some additional features that you are going to want to consider before buying elliptical exercise machines.  When researching you options, look for the following:

•    A stride length around 21”.  This is perfect for the average sized person, and the 14” stride length some elliptical cross trainers offer is too short.

•    An adjustable incline, while not necessary, helps add additional intensity to your workout.

•    A smooth moving machine where the pedals glide and are quiet.  You should feel like you are jogging on air.  If the machine is jerky, move on.

•    Upper body workout option.  It’s your choice whether or not you want to work on your arms.

•    A quiet machine.

•    Resistance that is adjustable with a broad range or options for different workout styles.
If you are considering discount elliptical machines that comes with a computer, make sure the settings on it allow for a warm-up and cool-down period to make sure that you do not strain your cold muscles.  Handrails are handy for getting on and off the machine and should not be in the way of the upper body workout handrails.  The computer console should be easy to read and understand, and a heart rate monitor of some type is advisable.  Trained staff, maintenance free, and a good warranty are also things to look for when researching elliptical machine for salee for home.


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