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Used Stationary Bikes

Updated on June 9, 2010
Used Stationary Bikes
Used Stationary Bikes

Benefits of Stationary Bikes for Exercise

There are many benefits for using stationary bikes for exercise, including:

  • Convenience - you can find stationary bikes anywhere, from a paid membership gym, free workout room in your apartment or condo complex, fitness rooms in hotels, etc.
  • Size - stationary bikes are usually not as large as treadmills or full on workout centers, which means they can easily fit in your home or apartment.
  • All weather - unlike a regular bicycle, you can use your stationary bike indoors during all weather conditions. 
  • Entertainment - get bored working out? Modern stationary bikes can come equipped with a TV set attached.  Just plugin your headphones and watch your favorite show. 
  • Safety - you don't have to worry about getting hit by cars or getting lost on a wilderness path while exercising on your stationary bike.
  • Variety - if there isn't a lot of variety in terms of biking trails in your area, some stationary bikes come with built in programs to simulate mountain biking and other fitness routines.

How to Use a Stationary Exercise Bike


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      Lifestyle Today 7 years ago

      great fitness equipment.

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      harrist 7 years ago from on the Net

      nice hubs thanks for sharing valuable information :-) I bookmark this hubs :-)

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      Baixar Filmes 7 years ago

      I used to practicing five times a week, but now I'm working hard and I'm out of time to practice. My body feels the difference, I miss my exercise, have good results that it gives me.

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      arentin 7 years ago

      thank for your info

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      psychobone 7 years ago

      nice post...