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Some Useful Home Remedies

Updated on August 7, 2011

Some things that we have in the house can be useful when we injure our selves or get unwell, and some times can work a lot faster than suppressive medicines like vitamins and pills.

However it is entirely individual as not all holistic treatments have the same effect on other people but some times they do.

Please feel free to vote at the bottom and if you have any other remedies that have worked for you please feel free to tell me in the comments section. 

Burning yourself, for example " if its a small burn (not a serious one) one of the best things to do is cut an onion in half and place one half of it straight on to the burn as the onion contains healing properties such as antiseptics, this will take the heat away and ease the pain.

If you get an upset tummy (indigestion) I personally take a glass of tonic water as this can settle the stomach a lot faster than and relieve the symptoms. Soda water is just as good if you dont like tonic water.(if symptoms persist contact your doctor)

When you feel sick (vomiting) a ginger biscuit or ginger tablets or anything with ginger can stop the sickness and relieve the nausea felt from it, I personally recommend this one as I find it works for most people. (if symptoms persist contact your doctor)

Colds for example (runny nose and lethargy) are cruel but one of the best things to do if you have one is take either a vitamin C pill or drink plenty of orange juice and or eat oranges as they help relieving the symptoms and speed up the recovery. Another good remedy for a cold is chicken soup as this is known to contain all the vitamins required to aid the recovery and also makes you feel a lot better inside.

Echinacea -tablets are good for preventing colds take one a day

Liquorice - if you have blood pressure problems avoid liquorice all together as it can cause high blood pressure and bad diarrhea.

Oil Of Cloves and Peppermint Oil can help relieve the pain of tooth ache, but the best suppressive treatment for tooth ache is Iburofen as it is an anti inflammatory and will also relieve the pain from tooth ache faster.(if symptoms persist contact your dentist)

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