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Uses Of Allspice (Jamaica Pepper)

Updated on April 12, 2011

Pimenta dioica

The Allspice Commonly known as pimento, also called Jamaican pepper or pepper clove, Pimenta dioica is a spice derived from dried fruit of the Pimenta dioica, an evergreen tree, the myrtle family and originating in Jamaica. The name comes from the Spanish Pimenta, meaning "pepper."It's a herbal plant.



Christopher Columbus brought the Pimento in Spain from the Caribbean and thought it was pepper, pimento berries actually resemble large berries of pepper. From this misconception is derived the name allspice. Before the Second World War, the allspice was quite used, but during the war, several trees were cut and no production was almost shot, then. Because of the name "pepper cloves", which is best known in Europe, may be confused with the clove.

Production Areas


It is produced mainly in Jamaica, but other production sites are Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico.


The pimento is one of the main ingredients of Caribbean cuisine. It is used to spice the meat dried or smoked, in many sauces in Mexican cuisine and food storage in a kind of pickling brine that, it is also one of the ingredients can be found in the curry. It is also used in many Middle Eastern countries, for example the kitchen Palestinian use allspice to flavor many dishes. In the United States is mainly used in sweets, but it is one of the main ingredients of Cincinnati chili. It is commonly used in Britain for many recipes, for example in Pancake. Also used in Creole, a mixture of white pepper, black pepper, green pepper, red pepper and allspice.

In the eighteenth century, the Allspice was used as a deodorant, for example, Russian soldiers used to put a few berries allspice in their boots. It contains eugenol, an antimicrobial agent. According to popular tradition that seems to aid digestion.


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