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Uses for the Empty Essential Oil Bottles

Updated on January 25, 2016


Reusing those Essential Oil Bottles

Suddenly you find yourself with an empty or as in my case several empty amber colored bottles and you hesitate to throw them away. There are several different uses for those bottles once they have been cleaned and are free of the residual oils remaining.

Cleaning the bottles can be easily done by simply removing the plastic and lid and any reservoir that might be placed inside the opening. The lids and reservoirs can be cleaned along with those handy amber bottles

Removing the label from the bottle can be easily accomplished by wetting them and wiping them off with a rag with dish soap or lemon oil is wonderful for removing those unwanted labels and as well as the gluey residue that may linger. If some of the label remains at this point it is okay. Through the next few steps the label will disappear with little resistance.

At this point placing them in warm soapy water and filling and emptying them several times before rinsing them and allowing them to dry. You can also take a Q-tip and dip into the hot soapy water and run around the inside of the bottle. When possible, leaving them to soak overnight in the warm soapy water is preferred. The longer they remain in the hot soapy water, the easier the left over aroma will eliminated. Slow boiling the hot soapy water with the bottles is also a technique that enhances the process.

The next step in revitalizing these bottles would be to place them in a mixture of water with either vinegar, rubbing alcohol, vodka or Thieves cleaner. This step is to eliminate the odor of the oil that was originally in the bottle. Soaking them overnight is highly recommended due to the density of the original oil, it takes several hours to remove all the aroma. After removing them and rinsing them from the cleaner, you should allow them to air dry and then you are ready to use those handy little bottle for many uses. Depending on the age and consistency of the oil, you may on occasion need to repeat this step another time.

There are so many things which those dark colored bottles can be used for. The uses below are only but a few, your imagination and creativity is limitless. If you have our bottles clean but not ready to use. You can store them in Epsom salt and helps keep the jar clean and fresh until your next DIY urge hits you.

  1. If you or someone you know uses nitroglycerin, these bottle are not only the perfect color but also the perfect size to keep around in different areas, of your home, pool house, vehicle, office or any multitudes of areas to make sure your nitroglycerin tablets are quickly and readily available.

  2. Taking your new bottle of your favorite oil and putting a few drops in your freshly cleaned bottle allows you the ability to place your oil in the area of your home or office that you desire without having to purchase several bottles of the same oil. It also assists with maintaining the life of your new bottle of oil by limiting its exposure to light and oxygen. Having your own personal bottle of your favorite oil allows you the benefits of using it when you feel you need it the most.

  3. Experiment by making your own blends. No one blend suits everyone, take your favorite two oils, try blending them together, after all you already have the bottle. Try making your own DIY perfume that is pleasant and pleasing to you.

  4. If you are truly creative and crafty, these bottle are great for using blends of your own or other oil blends and making roll-on’s for yourself or as gifts for your friends and family. You can easily find recipes on the internet and Pinterest to assist you in making these incredible gifts for your family and friends. It’s a one of a time gift that won’t soon be forgotten.

  5. Getting ready for that long weekend or vacation? Maybe you have to travel for your job and leave the comfort of your home. How about having a travel kit of your favorite essential oils. Smelling the fragrances and aromas from home can often give you a sense of comfort and contentment. This little travel kit of your favorites just might be the perfect thing to bring your home and loved ones with you on your next trip or vacation.

  6. Storing your quilting and sewing needles in these handy little bottles can provide you the ability to slide them out easily without the fear of being stuck by a stray needle. The length is perfect for many pens and needles and the glass allows you the security with easy breakage and no fear of them bending.


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