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Uses of Flippers Teeth

Updated on May 31, 2012

Flippers teeth are used as a cheap way to replace missing teeth. The dental flippers are flexible acrylic resin partial dentures. The flippers teeth often are used as a temporary tooth replacement until the person can get a more permanent replacement. There are also other uses for flippers teeth.

Temporary Use

Like partial dentures, flipper teeth can be used to replace one or more teeth that have been lost due to tooth decay or injury. Because these dentures are cheap, they can be used as a temporary tooth replacement while the patient is saving money for a permanent solution such as dental implants or a dental bridge.

Some people may use dental flippers after having teeth removed while waiting for the swelling to subside enough to be fitted for a traditional denture. Using a cheap flipper tooth can prevent a rushed denture fitting that could be inaccurate from the swelling.

Dental Flippers for Kids

If a child or teenager loses a permanent tooth, a flipper tooth can hide the missing tooth and keep the other teeth aligned properly. Permanent tooth replacements like a dental implant or bridge cannot be used on children since it can interfere with the normal growth of the jaw.

The flipper can be used until the child is over eighteen and the jaw has stopped growing. Then, one of the permanent methods can be used. The flipper is often preferred to a traditional partial denture due to the low cost of dental flippers.

Flipper Teeth in the Entertainment Industry

Especially for children in beauty pageants and modeling, flipper teeth are used to improve the person's smile or replace missing teeth. For young children in the entertainment industry, new flippers need to be made to compensate for the changes in the children's teeth.

The use of flippers for children is a controversial topic. Many people believe that the use of flippers and other cosmetic enhancements like artificial tanning on young children can foster insecurity, self-esteem issues, or a self-image based entirely on appearance.

Cheap Alternatives to Traditional Dentures

Some adults choose to keep using flippers teeth instead of buying traditional dentures. The flipper teeth are not usually made to be used while eating. The dentist may instruct the patient to remove the flippers while eating. This is one reason people tend to use flippers only as a temporary tooth replacement.

The traditional dentures cost significantly more than dental flippers, but the regular dentures last much longer. Flippers are typically only designed to last for less than a year. Therefore, the flippers would need to be replaced if they are used over an extended period of time. Those who choose to use flippers teeth may have to replace them two or three times a year.

Dental Flippers Instead of Bonding

The dentist may recommend bonding for chipped teeth or stains. An alternative to bonding is to use flippers teeth that fit over the natural teeth. The flipper can also cover gaps from missing teeth. This type of flipper is inserted over the teeth in the morning and removed at night and for tooth brushing.

With their many uses, flipper teeth can be a beneficial solution to hide gaps from missing teeth. To see if flippers teeth are the best tooth replacement option, the patient should discuss the various options with the dentist.


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