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Using An Ovulation Predictor Kit For Trying To Conceive A Girl

Updated on July 15, 2009

Using An Ovulation Predictor Kit For Trying To Conceive A Girl

Using An Ovulation Predictor Kit For Trying To Conceive A Girl

Attempting to conceive a baby of a specific gender is something that a lot of couples try to do. They might do it to complete a family, or simply because circumstances mean they can only have one child. Everyone has their own reasons for doing so, and whatever they are, using a ovulation predictor kit may be very helpful.

An ovulation predictor kit works in a similar way to the pregnancy testing kit, as it uses the woman's urine for testing purposes. The LH hormone surges about 36 hours before ovulation, in most cases, but this can happen anywhere from 12 to 48 hours before ovulation. This LH surge can be detected in the urine by an ovulation predictor kit. Finding out when ovulation is likely to occur will allow you to plan when intercourse should take place.

When you're trying to conceive a girl, you need to know when you are ovulating so that you can make sure to have intercourse just at the right time. As the male (Y chromosome) sperm does not survive as long as the female (X chromosome) sperm, engaging in sexual intercourse a few days prior to ovulation means that the male sperm should no longer be alive, and the female sperm can fertilize the egg.
The female sperm thrive in an acidic environment, but male sperm cannot cope if the mucous is acidic and hostile. Therefore, altering your diet to create much more acidic conditions within the vagina will favour the female sperm tremendously. This can be done by consuming a diet that contains a lot of fish and foods that are sweet. Changing you diet is yet another way to increase your chances when trying to conceive a girl.

You would benefit from spending a couple of months pinpointing ovulation before you begin trying to conceive a girl. That way, you'll have worked out the best possible time to have intercourse, and therefore given yourself the best chance of getting pregnant with a girl. However, should you choose to try to get pregnant with a girl immediately, the ovulation predictor kit can still be used to give you the best possible chance.

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