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Using Color In Your Environment

Updated on March 1, 2013

Defining Colors

A hue is the quality of a color allowing us to classify it as blue, green, yellow, red, etc.

A tint is a hue with white added.

A shade is a hue with black added.

A tone is a hue with grey added.

You can always mix tints with other tints, shades with other shades, tones with other tones, etc.  However, mixing tints, shades, or tones together doesn’t always work well.


  • Using black often says ‘notice my presence but do not intrude on my space.’
  • Using white has the ability to clear away all clutter and extraneous noise.
  • Using grey is two-fold as it can emphasize neutrality or suggest lack of character, lack of initiative, and extreme detachment. If you want to emphasize your willingness to cooperate, wear grey with a touch of personal accent color.

Put Red in Your Life When There is:

  • Lack of enthusiasm and interest in life,
  • Lack of energy and feeling of over-tiredness,
  • Inability to make your dreams a practical reality,
  • Feelings of anxiety, insecurity, unwarranted fear.

Put Orange in Your Life When There is:

  • A feeling of boredom, a sense that time is ‘dragging’, and feeling bleak,
  • Lack of interest in what is happening around you, to the point of not wanting to interact,
  • Resentment of changes to familiar routines; obsessive need to have things in their ‘proper’ place,
  • Taking yourself too seriously; unable to see humor and playfulness in life (Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly),
  • Fear of experiencing sensuality and pleasure through the senses,
  • Inability to let go of the past; the mind continually revolves around ‘what if’ or ‘if only I’d …’,
  • Problems with blockages, such as a decrease in personal creativity.

Put Yellow in Your Life When There is:

  • Confusion and indecision,
  • From fear and anxiety to nervous and digestive disorders, caused by unknown factors,
  • A weak and confused immune system, allergies, and intolerances,
  • Nervous exhaustion, nervous breakdown, ‘burn out’ syndrome, panic attacks, or hot flashes,
  • Poor memory, inability to study and concentrate,
  • Affected by lethargy, depression, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
  • Digestive difficulties and mal-absorption of food.

Honey, the concentrated energy of the sun, has many yellow qualities and helps the digestive system, is energizing, and a powerful immune system booster.

Put Green in Your Life When There is:

  • Restricted feeling caused by circumstances of confinement or being housebound,
  • Fear of the unknown and at the same time a need to let change happen,
  • Feeling of being trapped by other’s rules, regulations and a need to break them,
  • Need for new ideas,
  • Need for a new state of balance
  • A problem with personal relationships, especially with over-dominance or subservience,
  • You are victim of negative emotions such as envy, greed, or jealousy. 

Put Blue in Your Life When There is:

  • Need to calm agitated, excitable, or chaotic states,
  • Need to communicate clearly,
  • Need for help with new information and seeing it in context,
  • Need for peace, detachment, solitude and rest.

Put Indigo in Your Life When There is:

  • Need to focus on personal issues, beliefs, and ideas,
  • Need to develop sensitivity to the inner senses and intuition,
  • Need to cool and quite normal mental processes,
  • Need to relieve physical, mental, and emotional pain,
  • Inability or difficulty assimilating and understanding new concepts or philosophies,
  • Need for temporary relief and removal of everyday problems and difficult problems,
  • Need for space and a desire for a period of solitude.

Put Violet in Your Life When There is:

  • Need to rebalance life,
  • Need to speed up the natural healing energy of the body,
  • Need to use imagination in practical ways,
  • Need to integrate new skills,
  • Need to remove all sorts of obstacles in life,
  • Need to calm hyperactivity, or energize lethargy or depression.

Turquoise & Pink

  • Use turquoise for protective amulets, promoting health, and guarding against harm.
  • Use pink to promote relaxation and acceptance of where one is in life without feelings of complacency and without false views; while dark pink and bubble gum pink is more stimulating and provides the energy to make changes and improve one’s life.

Kirlian Photography
Kirlian Photography


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