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Using Fear, Axniety, and Stress to Your Advantage

Updated on July 17, 2011

Denial is One of the Main Ways we try to Cope with Stress

I was prompted to write this hub after writing another hub of which I considered sensitive and somewhat offensive. Sometimes we do or say things that touches the nerves of other people. We do not always mean to get under the skin of others but we sometimes unavoidingly do.

Sometimes professional help be it medical or mental or both do not always solve problems. This may offend many in the professional field but self acceptance of a problem is the key to coping and healing. For example no one wants to think of falling off a cliff or folling 30 thousand feet in a plane at 300 mph. Some things are unavoidable and fate deals us an offer that we can't refuse.

Some people look for answers that console them to no avail and therefore think nothing useful has been said to them. This could be a sign of denial and unwillingness to face an issue and look for a practical solution. I'm of the black race and will always be. I can't change that. I either learn how to live with it or I don't. The practical answers to a problem are not always the solutions we hope for. If you think what I'm saying is a lot of bull then you are badly missing the point.

When faced with issues that really bother us we can only begin to cope with them when we acknowledge them. For instance we are all going to die, period. We can't chantge that. We may, in some cases have our lives spared through various actions and events but we are all going to die.

The point is that things in life matter to people who take issue with them and that is when we apply courage and strength to deal with them. Help is there only if we are willing to accept it. In some cases challenging the solution will bring a better one but most importantly, looking the problem fullfaced and willing to address how you will solve it or live with it will start you on the road to some type of recovery.

If you have morbid cancer and all treatments have not worked, you may choose to live the rest of your life searching for that solution or you make the best of life while you have it but you see its all in how you address the problem. Not all people will be faced with serious issues that have no solution and no it doesn't happen all the time and every day for a lot of us but knowing this will help you grasp some situations that, if you take the time to explore them, are not serious problems at all.

We cannot plan to meet every contengency in our lives but we can't continue to worry about what will happen until it does.

Looking forward too far down the road may cause you to miss something that may have spared you grief. Case and point. Worry and anxiaty over what hasn't happend is not always the way to go. Because something affects someone else is not always a reason for you to put your self in their place and create unnecessary hardship for you.


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