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Using Herbs and Natural Diet to Combat High Cholesterol

Updated on December 15, 2011

Green Tea ain't so bad

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With so many allergies and bad side effects in many medicines for high fat and cholesterol these days, I was prompted to search for alternative methods in helping me deal with my problem of high lipid and cholesterol indications in my system. These were shown when I have had blood work over several years and I have tried to take several meds, but with poor results because of the side effects associated with the most commonly prescribed remedies such as the statins and Gemfibrozil, Lopid and Tricor. My problem has been a liver condition that I have inherited from my side of the family. My own mother and other members have had the same ailments over the years. The usual prescribed medicines can cause some harmful side effects when the user has a history of these liver problems. In most cases these meds are perfectly alright to control lipids and cholesterol and prevent higher LDL levels while promoting the good HDL levels.

Some of the best natural herbs that I have found to be effective for me are: Alfalfa Herbs, Licorice Root, Hawthorne Berry, Garlic Bulb, and Capsicum Fruit. There are others also, but these are my best choices.Be sure to get that approval of your physician before trying any herbs or Vitamin supplements.

Some of the better foods for controlling cholesterol are: oat and oat bran, baked foods, such as chicken and fish, green vegetables, rice, and consuming plenty of water. Green tea is also a part of my new diet and has been proven to be effective in helping lower LDL levels. Vitamin E and Red Yeast Rice Herbs have also been very effective in helping overcome these fat level problems. Do not expect a big improvement right away, because these good remedies take a while in order for them to become a part of our diet and bodily processes.

Of course, Plenty of exercise such as running, swimming, or just plain walking outside, or in the mall, are a part of a good program to keep your body healthy. Lifting light weights and stretching exercises, along with television exercise programs can help a lot. Meditation has also proven to be helpful and just reading a good book, help to exercise our minds, as well.

I got busy after a doctor visit in which the only remedy seemed to be statins and other usual problematic medicines. The good well balanced diet of baked foods, instead of fried ones with a lot of grease, leafy green vegetables and peas and green beans, baked fish and potatoes, with plenty of water and artificially sweetened teas, has been a basic menu in our home lately and proven to help mend digestive ailments that I had experienced over the years. Pasta dishes are okay if not heavily sauced. Tomato sauces are fine if not spiced up so much. Limit diet on such things as eggs and cheese products. There are many good soups that we can make or buy in the market place that are beneficial to our good digestive processes. Lower quantities of condensed milk is recommended. also. Bran cereals, with fruit added and juices are good dietary foods and liquids to consume, in limited amounts. Oat meal has always been a basic breakfast food for our family over the years. We did not know that we were actually doing something about our diets the right way, back then, as we were growing up.

I hope that my hub is useful and proves to be a blessing to you and others in your family. May God bless us all.


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