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Using The Law of Attraction for Successful Self-Employment

Updated on July 31, 2016

Students of the law of attraction often intensely crave the alluring opportunity of self-employment. As you become increasingly aware that you do indeed create your own reality, you realize you don’t have to work a 9-5 if you don’t want to. If you are a student of the law of attraction, but still unsure of how to apply the law to your self-employment endeavors, check out these 4 tips:

1. Align with the 3 Fs: Flexibility, Freedom, and Fun

Get it touch with the 3 Fs: Freedom, Flexibility, and Fun. Desire for the 3 Fs is often the driving reason behind self-employment endeavors. Focus on those 3 words. Meditate on them. Reflect on what they mean for you and your business. Envision a life and career where the 3 Fs are a reality. What does it look like? More importantly, what does it feel like?

2. Look at Examples of Successful Entrepreneurs

Spend some time researching successful self-starters. People employ themselves all the time, regardless of background. Seeing that others have done it is an easy way to align with the fact that you can do it too (or if you are already doing it, know that you too can succeed). Stop saying to yourself that successful self-employment is not for you because you don’t have enough money, enough time, enough skills, etc. It is for you. That’s why you want to do it and that’s why you are reading this!

3. Take a Step Forward

Whether it’s a baby step or a giant leap, move forward. Don’t stand still, and certainly don’t step back. If you want to be self-employed, or if you already are and desire more success, just move forward. As Henry Thoreau said, “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.” Make that investment, engage with your customers…hey even quit your 9-5 if that’s what it takes. As long as you are dominantly focusing on freedom, flexibility, and fun, you can’t go wrong. The universe will work things out…if you allow it.

4. Don’t Give Up

Things will not be “perfect” 100% of the time. Some days ‘reality’ will hit you hard. Maybe you are not getting the funding, ideas, customers, etc. you’d like. Maybe you feel scared to leave your day job. Maybe - just maybe – you are questioning this whole “law of attraction” thing, and if its “going to work” for you in terms of your career and income. Don’t give up on what you really want. Reality doesn’t always match up with your desires right away. The point is that it eventually will. Focus on what you want, and watch it show up.

So go forth and align with the beautiful freedom that self-employment brings. I wish you abundance, happiness and much success.

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