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Using the Law of Attraction to Find Love

Updated on November 24, 2016

If you can imagine it, the Universe can bring it to you. That's how this whole Law of Attraction thing works. The thing is, your thoughts are a powerful attractive force whether they're working for or against you. Too many people who are amazing at using the Law of Attraction to manifest money, wealth, career success and friendships act as if they've never heard of manifestation for love.

Visualize What You Want in a Partner

We all know how important it is to have a clear idea of what you want before entering a relationship, but too many people waste time visualizing all the things they don't want in a man. Guess what? The Universe doesn't hear, "I want a man who doesn't have mommy issues or tens of thousands of dollars in debt." All it hears is, "man with mommy issues and tens of thousands of dollars in debt." Like it or not, the things you think about are the things you will attract, so set your sights on what you desire and not what you dislike. It helps to spend time around the kind of people (and couples!) you want to attract more of in your life.

Act as If You're Already in a Relationship

Ever wondered why secret admirers tend to come out of the woodwork when you're in a happy relationship? Why women are attracted to married men, and vice versa? You can thank the Law of Attraction. When you exude the vibration of confidence, contentedness and romance, others are drawn to you like moths to a flame. They want what you have and they see you as the source of those things, whether they're conscious of it or not. Act like you already have all the love and companionship you desire. The Universe always matches you where you're at.

Love Yourself

It's a cliche, but it's true. Think about it. Do you know anyone who truly loves themselves and exudes positive feelings towards themselves who isn't attractive? They may not be conventionally attractive, but because they ooze self-love, others are drawn to that confidence. Affirmation is the key to understanding human behavior. No matter how amazing, beautiful and funny you are, if you walk around acting like you hate yourself, it's human nature to wonder, "Why? IS there something to dislike about her?" Likewise, if you clearly enjoy your own company (and you should!), people are going to wonder why and make an attempt to find out for themselves. Happy people are just more fun!

Avoid the "Forever Alone" Mentality

While it can be cathartic to joke around about being "forever alone" with others who can commiserate in all the things that, let's be honest, suck about being single, this is a dangerous mentality to entertain. The more you dwell on singleness, guess what you're going to attract more of? Singleness. You can be single without being lonely or sad or incomplete. Focus on the incredible things and people that make your life full and happy, and don't buy into the lie that you're going to be alone forever. Most people find love. The odds are in your favor, and that's not even factoring in awareness! The thing is, the people who complain the most about something are often the last to do anything to change it. If you like being single, that's awesome! But wouldn't you rather spend your time enjoying all the wonderful aspects and freedoms that come with it rather than commiserating about the downsides? And if those downsides make it impossible for you to fully enjoy the single experience, how is dwelling on them going to bring you any closer to your goals?

Don't Let Doubt Stop You

Everyone doubts sometimes. I literally wrote a book on the Law of Attraction and there are still times I find myself doubting my own manifestation abilities. The key is to acknowledge those doubts rather than resisting them. The more you stick your fingers in your ears and try to drown out the negative self-talk, or even worse, deny that you have doubts at all, the more you're attracting doubt into your life and creating resistance. Resistance is the thing that puts us in opposition to our higher purpose and what's best for our lives. Doubt won't keep you from manifesting true love. Resistance will. Acknowledge the doubt, get to the root of it, and focus on moving forward with your manifesting goals!

How will you find love? It doesn't matter!
How will you find love? It doesn't matter!

Stop Asking "How?"

Next to resistance, "How?" is the single greatest obstacle to manifesting love through the Law of Attraction. Whether you bump into your soulmate at a bookstore or meet someone online after years of debating whether to create a profile, the how doesn't matter. Your job is to see it and feel it, not to orchestrate it. Of course, you should be taking the steps you need to live a full and active life that keeps people naturally flowing in and out of your experience to maximize your chances at meeting the right person, but leave the mechanics to the Universe and enjoy the mystery of your "How we met" story being crafted at this very moment.

Give Up

No, don't give up on being in a happy relationship or sharing your life with someone you love, but give up the burden and the lie that says it all has to happen within a certain timeframe, in a certain way, or with a certain person. There is a lot of truth to the old saying that "you find love when you least expect it," but it isn't true for the reasons you probably think. Letting go of the burden of finding love frees you to focus on the feelings and positive state of mind that attracts it to you in the first place. Happy, contented people attract more things to be happy and content about. Love is no exception. Focusing on your want is only putting you in the vibrational state of wanting or lacking something. Instead, focus on the love that already exists in your life--the love you share with friends, family, and the love you feel towards yourself. Focus on the good feelings you want to experience in a relationship and realize that, because YOU are in control of YOUR emotions, you can experience all of those things right now! When love comes along, and it will, you're only going to be able to appreciate it more as a result.

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