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Using the Menstrual Cup

Updated on October 12, 2017

Menstruation - Agony or Mere Discomfort?

For some menstruation can be a small discomfort if any and for some others it could be painful and irritable. Then there is the anxiety of frequently changing the tampons or sanitary pads, sometimes even up to thrice a day. Fortunately for us, to alleviate these problems we now have menstrual cups, that are available in the market that help us manage those days effectively.

Material Used to Make Menstrual Cups

These menstrual cups that are made of medical grade silicone have been declared safe to use and are becoming increasingly popular.

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Advantages of Menstrual Cups over Tampons

  • The advantage of menstrual cups over tampons is that while tampons absorb the blood out of endometrium, it also absorbs some of the natural secretions.
  • The Menstrual Cups just hold the fluid in a cup shaped vessel which can be removed easily later. It also seals the vagina to prevent blood flow out of it.

Ease of Use and Usefulness of Menstrual Cup

The cup has the capacity to hold up to 25ml of fluid which is the most any woman can have on a heavy flow day. One can also empty the cup to reuse it if the flow is heavier than that.

The important thing here is that this cup can be used for almost 10 years if maintained hygienically thereby cutting the cost of buying tampons every month. These cups are available in two sizes.

Menstrual small cup is for those who are under 30 and for those who are over that age or have had child births, menstrual large cups are suitable.


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