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Uterine fibroids info

Updated on August 9, 2009

Fibroids in the womb

Fibroids in the womb or uterine fibroids affect about a third of female population world wide.Women are unaware of this condition till they undergo routine medical check up when the physician presses the abdomen and feels the lump.

Fibroids in the womb are normally harmless benign tumors in the womb.Fibroids are masses of muscle tissues formed in the womb or uterus and are also called uterine fibroids .There may be formation of a single fibroid or cluster of fibroid and the sizes may range from microscopic lesions to big fibroid with the size of a tennis ball.

There are mainly five types of fibroid and they are named depending upon where they are located.

1.Intramural fibroid is formed in the uterus wall and this is the most commonly occurring fibroid.

2.Cervical fibroid is formed in the neck of the uterus.

3.Submucosal fibroid is formed in the muscle beneath the endometrium of the uterus wall.

4.Subserosal fibroid is formed underneath the mucosal surface in the uterus.

5.Leiomyosarcoma is the most dreaded cancerous fibroid but the reassuring fact is that it is rare and affects only one in thousand.

Uterine fibroids grow fast as they are stimulated by the increased production of female hormone estrogen.These fibroids shrink in size with the onset of menopause due to decline in the production of estrogen.

Fibroids in the womb or uterine fibroids generally show no symptoms but some women have symptoms of persistent dull ache in the pelvis and abdominal area.Some doctors even advice patients to learn to live with fibroids if they do not show symptoms of pain or do not affect the overall health and quality of life.

Fibroids need treatment if it causes pain, excessive menstrual bleeding,back ache and affect bowel and urinary functions. Fibroids may also interfere with pregnancy and may cause infertility hence require medical attention. Consult your doctor for treatment suitable to you.

Most of the times fibroid can be managed easily.Apply castor oil in the lower abdominal area where the pain is and place hot pack over it for sometime.This method may be messy but is a very powerful time tested treatment.

Shed excess fat by doing regular exercises coupled with diet control which reduces the estrogen levels thus inhibiting fibroid growth.



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    • Lady_E profile image


      9 years ago from London, UK

      Thanks for sharing. This fibroids issue is fastly rising in the health of women.


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