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Updated on July 28, 2010
Olive Oil For Healing
Olive Oil For Healing

Extra Olive Virgin Oil

Virgin olive oil has been in existence for a very long time, it is widely believed that the extra virgin olive oil has a powerful healing power and taste which gives it an edge over other types of oil. Many nutritionist recommend cooking with olive oil due to its health benefits. Aside the nutritional value of virgin olive oil it is also use for the enhancement of skin beauty and hair texture, and that is why the value of extra virgin olive oil can never be over estimated. There are various types of extra olive virgin oil in the market, namely: Extra virgin olive oil, virgin olive oil, pure olive oil also known as “olive oil” in America, light olive oil.


Extra Virgin olive oil is one of the finest olive oil one can get. It’s the first extract from the olive nuts. Its health benefit is very wide and it has a higher taste of the olive flavor in it.


Virgin olive oil: is the second in grade, though it taste similar with the extra virgin oil but it’s not actually the same. The virgin oil is the second extract from the olive nuts, which also come out fine in terms of taste and healing effect.


Pure virgin olive oil: is a kind of olive oil which has undergone a little bit of processing, refining and filtering. I call it the third extract from the olive nuts, which may be pure olive or mixed with other kind of oil for proper refining.


Light olive oil: this kind of olive oil contains a little mild taste of olive due to its processing and refining. It is called the light olive oil because it only contains light taste of the olive flavor.



Here are few health benefits of extra virgin olive oil;

Skin care: In most skin care product there is a substantial amount of extra virgin oil, which helps to keep the skin glowing and beautiful. You can also use the olive extra virgin oil raw without processing on the skin for the maintenance of the skin.

Facial beauty: The application of virgin olive oil on the face after bath at night as a face mask has proven to be very effective against wrinkles and facial discolorations. The consumption of olive oil can also help to reduce acne and pimples on the face, due to the content of monounsaturated fat which does not build up pores on the skin.

Hair care: The virgin olive oil can be used as a daily hair cream or conditioner. If you are suffering from a dry and brittle hair ends “mix about 5tablespoonful of olive oil with one egg”, make sure you mix thoroughly, then apply on the root of your hair cover and leave for 45mins, wash and apply a substantial amount of the virgin olive oil on your hair and style. This would help to cure the dryness and brittleness of the hair.

For Hair dandruff treatment: Mix about 10cl of virgin olive oil with 10bulbs of extracted lime, then apply on the scalp of your hair leave overnight and wash thoroughly. Repeat this procedure every night for three days then apply the extra virgin olive oil on the base of your hair as a hair cream for total eradication of dandruff.

Healthy heart: Cook regularly with olive oil to avoid heart failures, heart attacks and heart disease. The mono-unsaturated fat which is seen in olive oil helps in the reduction of any form of heart diseases and heart failures. Scientist has proven that adult who consumes higher level of olive oil daily would show less cholesterol and higher level of phenols in the blood.

Cancer: The benefit of olive oil can not be over emphasized especially when it comes to the issue of a deadly disease which is known as colon cancer. The uses of olive oil helps reduce if not eradicate and prevent the growth of cancer from the blood cells. Studies have shown that animals which are fed with virgin olive oil stands a lower chances of having a colon cancer than the ones fed with other types of oil.

Eye care: Eating of virgin olive oil regularly is another means of caring for your eyes, it helps to protect your eyes by inner cleansing of the eyeball, which in turns gives you a healthy eyes. Though this claim has not been evaluated but many users of virgin olive oils have testified to this claim.

Youthful looks: What again can be said concerning the use of olive oil? It makes your skin to glow and shine which always gives you that youthful looks. You can maintain a youthful look with the extra virgin olive oil either by adding it to your daily meal or by applying it wholly on your skin or even by mixing a little amount with your regular body cream to always have that youthful looks.

Breast enhancer: If you have a sagging breast or you want to maintain the look and feels of your breast, then massage it after every bath with olive oil. Mix 2spoonful of olive oil with 1spoonful of coconut add 1spoonful of original honey and massage with one of your hand going clock wise on the base of the breast. Do this for 2weeks and you will see a significant result.

Ear lobe care: When you have a feeling that your ear is echoing, you can drop about three drops of olive oil into the ear for quick relive. Though you may need to see your healthcare advisor after relieve to determine the cause of the pain.

Mental alertness: Studies have shown that kids who regularly eat food cooked with virgin olive oil have more edge over those who don’t eat olive oil in terms of mental alertness. At least two tablespoonfuls daily is recommended for your kids for the first 8years of their life to help in developing their mental alertness. The olive extra virgin oil is a very good source of health care maintenance.

Recommended Olive Extra Virgin oil For Spiritual Healing


The extra virgin olive oil has a spiritual healing power which can only be obtain by regular use of olive oil. The olive oil is believed to help cast out demons and devils which may be tormenting one, either spiritually or physically. Though these claims only work with ones faith and believe. Here are some of the spiritual benefits of virgin olive oil.

Overcoming evil: By the application of virgin olive oil, one can actually overcome evil spirit. If you are suffering from any evil attacks, mix one bottle of extra virgin olive oil with 100grams of grounded mustard seed, mix thoroughly and rub all over the body at night, you would notice that the evil that is tormenting you would give way and you would be free.

Receiving favour: If you want to receive favour either financial favour or any other type of favour from someone, mix 1spoonful of extra virgin olive oil with a pinch of table salt, and drink all at once before going to the person. This would enable you find and receive favour from anyone.

Promotion in the office: When you think your promotion is over due and that you deserve to be promoted, mix one bottle of extra virgin olive oil with 10cl of honey and 10 grams of grounded mustard seed, drink 1spoonful of mixture daily and apply all over the body until you are promoted. This may last between one to four weeks depending on your faith.

Against barrenness: If you are suffering from barrenness, mix one bottle of olive oil with 100grams of mustard seed (grounded), 10bulbs of lime orange and 10cl of original honey, drink twice daily for one month. Your partner would be included in this procedure for better result. After bath apply on your stomach daily.

Mental healing: for someone suffering from mental disorder, mix one bottle of extra virgin olive oil with 20grams of black stone (grounded) and 50grams of mustard seed, apply the mixture on the head of the person suffering from the mental ill health for one month also give 1tablesponful of the mixture to the person for total recovery.

Success in business: If you want success in your business, mix one bottle of extra virgin olive oil with one bottle of divine grace perfume and 10cl of honey , apply all over your body before going for your business. And you would see how your business success would turn around.

Long labor: When some one has stayed long in labor, mix 5spoonful of extra virgin oil with 50grams of grounded mustard seed, 1bulb of alligator pepper and a pinch of salt, drink all at once, this would enhance quick and easy delivery. Then as a pregnant woman if you don’t want to have a long labor mix 2spoonful of olive oil with 20grams of grounded mustard seed, 10seeds of alligator pepper and drink at the unset of labor.

Premature deaths: If there is a history of premature deaths in your family, mix one bottle of olive oil with 10grams of grounded black stone and 20grams of grounded mustard seed, use it as your daily cream to drive out the spirit that causes premature death. Also drink one teaspoonful of this mixture once in a week for total protection.

Drug addiction: To stop drug addiction, mix one bottle of olive oil with 100grams of mustard seed together with the particular drug your addicted to, drink 1teaspoonful 3times daily for one week. This would reduce your appetite for that particular drug and the olive oil would give you power to overcome the quest or hunger for more.

General healing: For general spiritual healing, mix one bottle of extra virgin olive oil with 10grams of mustard seed, drink 1tablespoonful daily to maintain your spiritual healing.

These claims above are only meant to work with your faith, because God has put this wonderful fruit in our midst for our own personal use and healing. But if you’re suffering from any of these ailments, don’t fail to contact your health care practitioner for proper examination, drug prescription and treatment.






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    • profile image


      3 days ago

      Thank you so much for this info. Please how I use muster seed and extra olive oil to treat hormonal imbalance(fibriod)?

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      U are Blessed. Up til 2day 28th oct. 2015,evil spirit keep disturbing me.I dont sleep at day time or night bcos if i do it wil fight me and woke me up.I cant eat bcos i keep searching 4 solution 2 my life.I wil give a try.

    • profile image

      dada abayomi 

      3 years ago

      Godbless you for this wonderfull infomation on spiritual useses of extra virgin olive oil it work for me and i am thanking you for this, you are bless in Jesus name,amen

    • profile image

      Rolf Ashby 

      4 years ago

      What is ground black stone, i.e. what type of stone, and where can I get it?

    • Bonitaanna profile image


      6 years ago from Oil City, PA

      Thank you for this wonderful information. I have been using it on my face and hair for a long time. I like the feel of it on my skin and air. I am surprised that others don't use it more. It is very good for dry skin and hair. I am almost 70 years old and my hair is like a 20 year old. I have pictures of it on one of my Hubs (Why Not the Natural Way) go take a look. Also thanks for the recipes that you suggest. B.....

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Thank you for sharing this wonderful info. What is blackstone may I ask?

      Thanks again

    • profile imageAUTHOR

      Bitten Once 

      8 years ago

      Thanks for the nice comment! yes you can use olive oil for spiritual battles. sorry about your friend and i hope his faith and yours would make this work.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I never knew i can get a spiritual healing through the use of Virgin olive oil. I have a friend who is suffering from a mental disorder, i would recommend the mixture of the olive oil and mustard seed which you have recommended, i hope i do work for him. Thanks for this wonderful information, and i hope to benefit more. Am bookmarking this.


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