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Vaginal Contraceptive Foam

Updated on August 29, 2009

Today's woman has many options when it comes to contraception. Unfortunately, several of those options don't appeal to some women due to ingredients they may be allergic to, or hormones they might rather avoid. And that's where vaginal contraception comes in! Not only are there several birth control methods available which are totally hormone-free, they are also available over the counter at your local pharmacy or chemist. Vaginal contraceptive foam is just one of these options; read on for more info on how it works.

What is it?

Vaginal contraceptive foams like Ortho Options Delfen and VCF brands are spermicidal foams which prevent pregnancy when inserted vaginally. It's a white, stainless foam that contains Nonoxynol-9. You can use vaginal foams with condoms or you can use them alone. (Note that it will not prevent STD transmission, so you should not use this as a standalone form of birth control unless you are certain that your partner is disease free.)

Vaginal Contraceptive Foams!

How do you use contraceptive foam?

It comes in an aerosol can you need to shake it well before use. Next, fill the applicator. When you insert the applicator, be sure to do so as close to the cervix as possible. Once you release the foam into the vagina, the spermicide works immediately; you don't need to wait for a set period of time. If you wait longer than an hour, or if you are intimate more than once, you will need to use an additional application each time.

Benefits of using a vaginal foam

  • As I've already said, this is a non-hormonal type of birth control. This makes it safe to use when breastfeeding, and it may put some women at ease who might otherwise worry about putting hormones into their bodies.

  • The foam is said to be less messy (it's said to not be messy at all, actually) than contraceptive gels and other methods. This can make intimacy a more pleasant experience all around.

  • Vaginal foam can be used on an as needed basis, as opposed to having to take a pill every day (which many women occasionally forget to take)

  • Unlike other vaginal contraceptives, foam starts to work instantly and doesn't require a couple to wait 10, 15 or 60 minutes before use.

Where can I buy it?

Some drugstores do not carry vaginal foams like Ortho's' Delfen and VCF's VCF, but they are always available online. But even if your local grocery store does carry them, you might be embarrassed by purchasing these things in person, you can order them online via and other internet shops. One can costs about 15 USD.


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