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Values or Anger

Updated on April 9, 2015

I'm Mad!

Are You Helping?

Have you ever felt like what you were doing was not helping? I mean are you adding value to the world, or not?

This idea of creating value has me intrigued. There are many articles on improving yourself and on improving your life. What does creating value mean to you?

In life I think it’s very important to play and have fun. Because of this, I gravitate to things that are fun to do and toward things that help others have fun. Things like music, dancing, theater, sports events, playing golf, hiking, camping, etc. What do you do for fun?

Does this ad value to your life and the lives of others?

Love Is The Answer. What Was The Question?

Is There Love All Around?

When people put each other down or complain what do you do? A psychologist friend said to me, realize everyone is just doing the best they can with their life. When someone complains about you or puts you down are they being the best they can? When I complain about the rude drivers on the highway, or the cost of gas, or the things our elected officials are doing, am I in a spot where I can say they are doing the best they can?

I don’t think so. This word love is ban tied around a lot these days. If you can love others then the world will be a better place. Do you think this is true? How hard is it to love someone when they will not do what they are supposed to do if you are their supervisor?

what'l it take?

What Is It Going To Take?

When you see something that is not being done correctly, how do you correct it. Many times when you point it out to people they take it personally and get upset. Even when you approach them nicely.

This brings up a subject that is dear to my heart. Who is the one making the judgment that this is correct or not correct? What is the correct way to do things or get things done?

If we are open to other methods another way may be seen to get something done. It might even be a better than what you called the correct way.

My psychologist friend said it doesn’t matter who’s right or wrong. Logic isn’t the problem. Emotions are what counts. When emotions rise logic many times goes out the window.

Can we accept it when people get emotional? When they cry, get angry, sulk, force others to their way of thinking and doing, etc. Bullying is an emotion. An ego emotion. My way or the highway.

Another friend of mine said, “I don’t care who’s right or wrong, I just want to know who’s winning.” Is winning the only way?

What is it going to take to get us to work together and create values for the world?


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