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Vampire or Lupus?

Updated on February 4, 2016

Lupus vs Vampire

In this hub, i am going to compare and perhaps prove that vampires do exist! We may have all been wrong about the zombie apocalypse, we may actually have people on earth already infected by a vampire virus! & Not those lame glittering ones from twilight (sorry to the millions of people i just offended)

Back to topic! Real, pale skinned, vampires!
Here are some symptoms these vampy people face:

  • eyes burn in sunlight and sometimes in just any light (computers, street lights, light bulbs)
  • skin turns red in sunlight and burns/ tingles ( turns red and patchy)
  • always tired. why so tired?! are you dead?! vampire!
  • pale skin, from lack of the sunlight
  • you can't sleep at night -either from your body aching or mind racing

Okay, so we don't have fangs, or drink blood ( at least i hope no one does!)

Perhaps, lupus is the cousin of the vampire virus, like the Luke to the Darth Vader.

I guess, we are all safe from a crazy apocalypse...for now ;)

Does Your Lupus Make You Feel Like a Vampire?

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Please remember to leave your comments and thoughts below

i love hearing from you guys!


Mrs Lupus


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