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Van Tassel's Integratron: The UFO That George Built... Which Actually Worked!

Updated on February 17, 2017
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Marc Hubs - Writer/Researcher on Mind, Science, Psychology/Psychiatry, Metaphysics & Consciousness. Author of Reflections Of NPD.

George Van Tassel's Integratron
George Van Tassel's Integratron | Source

If you're already feeling skeptical judging by the title of this article, you should probably first consider the fact that George Van Tassel's work is something which has, over the years, attracted the serious attention of many academics, scholars, researchers and scientists.

It is not something to be taken lightly, especially considering that the construction of George's device, the "Integratron" started all the way back in the 1950's. Even today, accepted mainstream science is barely on the cusp of confirming the science behind the Integratron. We are, however, getting there.

You should probably also consider that Van Tassel's Integratron is not technically a flying saucer, it doesn't fly. It was, however, originally intended to be used for a form of antigravity, time travel and for the rejuvenation of human cells and is also of the classic shape and design of a typical domed flying saucer, as you can see in the image above.

The Integratron is located near Joshua Tree in Landers, California, and although construction was started in the 1950's, it can still be visited today and bookings can still be made. George Van Tassel was probably in a much better position than most other people to be able to build such a device under the instructions given to him, given his situation and circumstances at the time.

Video, 1964

Who Was Van Tassel?

In the 1950's, George Van Tassel was a man who ran an airport and an inn located in the Mojave desert. Before this, George was an aircraft mechanic for Douglas Aircraft and after that, a flight inspector for Howard Hughes. George opened the airport after applying to the Bureau of Land Management to lease four square miles of land at Giant Rock. Whilst there, George was often visited by Howard Hughes.

After moving to Giant Rock, a place believed to be sacred by Native Americans, George would regularly meditate and claimed that the crystalline structure of Giant Rock had excellent channelling power due to it's piezoelectric properties. By August 1953, George claimed to have had both telepathic and face to face contact with people who claimed to be from Venus.

George Van Tassel claimed that these beings landed near his airport in a flying saucer and that he met a person from Venus named Solgonda, who invited him aboard their ship and then gave him instructions on techniques which could be used to heal and rejuvenate human cells. Shortly afterwards, in 1954, George started work on building the Integratron and would spend the next eighteen years of his life doing so.

Although George successfully managed to get the Integratron functional, sadly he unexpectedly died from a heart attack in 1978 before he could properly finish it's construction. George Van Tassel was one of the first main contactees of the 1950's, only shortly being preceded by George Adamski. However, Van Tassel is often credited with being the main propagator of the contactee movement and would regularly host the Giant Rock UFO convention which went on for a total of 23 years.

Jesus is from Venus

After reading the column to the left, you may want to consider that the word "Ashtar" is actually an age old name for the planet Venus which has other variations, including Astar, Attar (another word for God) and Ashtaroth.

Also note that the word "Jesus" is the word "Venus" with two of the letters replaced. Of course, Venus is known as the planet of love and the word "Venus" is an amalgamation of both masculine and feminine letters.

The word "Jesus" therefore could be considered to be the same word but with the feminine letters replaced with masculine letters.

Those with an inquisitive mind may want to investigate how Venus/Ashtar relates to Freemasonry and the Illuminati and how THOTH (The Highest Of The High) also fits into the picture.

Ashtar = Ashtaroth. Roth = THOTH. Rothschild = THOTH's child. Rothschild = Ashtaroth's child!

Ashtar Sheran

Amazingly, Van Tassel was also the first person to ever claim to have had contact with Ashtar, also known as Ashtar Sheran, one of the most prominent names in the UFO field even today. Today, there are thousands of people around the world who still claim to be in contact in Ashtar.

Indeed the Ashtar movement has taken off so much and is so prominent today that academics study it as a form of UFO religion. Van Tassel claimed that his very first contact with Ashtar took place in 1952. George went on to claim that Jesus was actually a being from space and that everyone has the ability to tap into the Universal Mind of God in order to establish such communication, which he claims facilitates evolutionary progress such as that exemplified by Ashtar and Jesus.

Van Tassel also claimed that he received messages from Nikola Tesla after tapping into the Universal Mind, who also provided him with instructions on how to build the Integratron. George claimed that his methods of communication should not be seen as being paranormal or metaphysical but that he was utilizing a method which included human abilities combined with alien technology. He claimed that it was as simple as being in resonance with the messages being sent and that everyone was capable of doing so.

According to Van Tassel, Ashtar had entered the solar system in order to warn humanity against detonating the hydrogen bomb. Ashtar allegedly claimed that they would not allow humans to destroy Earth through the use of nuclear power and that their galactic command was here to assist the human race in their evolutionary development.

George went on to write several books including I Rode A Flying Saucer: The Mysteries Of The Flying Saucers Revealed and The Council Of Seven Lights, the title obviously being a nod to the Pleiades.

Channeling Ashtar

"Hail to you beings of Shan, I greet you in love and peace, my identity is Ashtar, commandant quadra sector, patrol station Schare, all projections, all waves. Greetings, through The Council of the Seven Lights, you have been brought here inspired with the inner light to help your fellow man.

You are mortals and other mortals can only understand that which their fellow man can understand. The purpose of this organization is, in a sense, to save mankind from himself. Some years ago your time, your nuclear physicists penetrated the "Book of Knowledge"; they discovered how to explode the atom.

Disgusting as the results have been, that this force should be used for destruction, it is not compared to that which can be. We have not been concerned with their explosion of plutonium and UR 235, the Uranium mother element; this atom is an inert element. We are concerned, however, with their attempt to explode the hydrogen element. This element is life giving along with five other elements in the air you breathe, in the water you drink, in the composition of your physical substance, hydrogen.

Their efforts in the field of science have been successful to the extent that they are not content to rest on the laurels of a power beyond their use, not content with the entire destruction of an entire deity at a time. They must have something more destructive, they've got it. When they explode the hydrogen atom, they shall extinguish life on this planet. They are tinkering with a formula they do not comprehend. They are destroying a life giving element of the Creative Intelligence.

Our message to you is this: you shall advance to your government all information we have transmitted to you. You shall request that your government shall immediately contact all other Earth nations regardless of political feelings. Many of your physicists, with an inner perception development have refused to have anything to do with the explosion of the hydrogen atom. The explosion of an atom of inert substances and that of a living substance are two different things.

We are not concerned with their deliberate determination to extinguish humanity and turn this planet into a cinder. Your materialism will disagree with our attempt to warn mankind. Rest assured, they shall cease to explode life giving atoms, or we shall eliminate all projects connected with such. Our missions are peaceful, but this condition occurred before in this solar system and the planet, Lucifer, was torn to bits. We are determined that it shall not happen again.

The governments on the planet Shan have conceded that we are of a higher intelligence, they must concede also that we are of a higher authority. We so not have to enter their buildings to know what they are doing. We have the formula they would like to use. It is not meant for destruction. Your purpose here has been to build a receptivity that we could communicate with your planet, for by the attraction of light substances atoms, we patrol your universe.

To your government and to your people and through them to all governments and all people on the planet of Shan, accept the warning as a blessing that mankind may survive. My light, we shall remain in touch here at this cone of receptivity. My love, I am Ashtar."

The Integratron

In order to construct the Integratron, George Van Tassel mainly relied on donations with many of the initial donations coming from Howard Hughes.

He claimed that the Integratron worked by generating strong intermittent magnetic fields which caused coronal discharge and negative air ionization as a result of plasma generation. The Integratron is also largely based on the Multi-Wave Oscillator, as originally designed by Georges Lakhovsky.

A Multi-Wave Oscillator is basically a combination of a high voltage Tesla coil along with a Split-ring resonator which generates ultra wideband electromagnetic frequencies. According to Van Tassel, the electromagnetic frequencies of the Integratron resonates with and affects biological cells with every biological cell having it's own resonant frequency. This apparently recharges the cells in much the same way that a battery can be charged and therefore human cells can be rejuvenated whilst inside the Integratron.

Additionally, George claimed that the Integratron was built at a location where there is an intersection of powerful geomagnetic forces that, when focused by the unique geometry of the building, concentrate and amplify the earth’s magnetic field. Amazingly, magnetometer readings at the site show a significant spike in the Earth’s magnetic field at the center of the building which is 55-ft high and 38-ft in diameter.

The Integratron is basically a sixteen sided metal building constructed using joinery so that there are no nuts, bolts or screws involved which would interfere with it's conductive properties. The inside of the device is acoustically sound (pun intended) with sixteen small windows having a view out over the desert.

Nearing it's completion, Van Tassel would regularly keep people updated on the progress and plans for the Integratron, revealing shortly before his untimely death that there were plans to outfit the rotating armature with 64 static collectors made from aluminium which were capable of generating 50,000 volts of static electricity from the air and delivering to the cells of people inside. There was also to be a large copper coil wire to run through the center of the building in order to aid conduction.

For those who haven't clicked yet, what George Van Tassel basically did was make a giant piece of what we call Orgonite today, only it was much larger, much more efficient and much more scientific than the Orgonite making the rounds today. The Integratron was basically a giant Orgone accumulator, as had also been built by Wilhelm Reich and, of course, Ashtar has very much to do with the origin of the Orgonite movement. Orgonite is basically a smaller scale replica of how a UFO works.

George Van Tassel did, however, keep much information pertaining to the Integratron a secret despite also revealing so much about it. Clearly, he was privy to information that others at that time were not. Unfortunately, George died in 1978 before he was able to completely finish building his device but the amount of work he put into it while he was alive was tremendous.

Ironically, George had stated himself:

"the biggest trouble on this planet is, that when you get smart enough to do something with the knowledge you have acquired here, death intervenes"

After George Van Tassel's death, the Integratron was taken over by two sisters and is now very different to how it was in George's day and it does not entirely carry out it's original function. Legend has it that the time machine part of the device has mysteriously disappeared into the ether never to be seen again.

The Integratron is, however, still open to the public and appointments can be made. Rather than offering the benefits of it's intended uses, you can still visit the Integratron and receive a rather invigorating crystal sound bath.

For the true skeptics out there, there is actually much evidence beginning to come to light which shows that both crystal healing and sound healing are, in fact, scientifically sound and that there is evidence to support them. Although George Van Tassel died of a heart attack in 1978, many people believed that he was in good health and found his death to be suspicious.

His epitaph reads "Birth through Induction, Death by Short Circuit".

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