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Vaping Will Change Your Life : How Vaporizers Will Help You Stop Smoking!

Updated on October 2, 2014
eGO Vaporizer
eGO Vaporizer

What Is Vaping?

Vaping is the up and coming trend among ex smokers. In 2003, a Chinese pharmacist by the name of Hon Lik developed and obtained patents on the first electronic cigarette and E liquid. Three years went by before these products were introduced to the United States and European markets in 2006. Hon Lik was an addicted tobacco smoker for most of his life, however after the death of his father due to lung cancer, he decided to kick the habit. He tried many of the classic cessation tactics such as patches, and gum with failure. Hon Lik decided to invent something that would provide smokers with a safe way to smoke. After the invention of the e-cig, manufacturers have ran with the idea bringing us to the world of vaporizers. Though user's of the e-cig enjoyed a new found way of safe smoking they wanted more. They wanted options and ways to personalize there experience. The vaporizer was born to do just that. Most vaporizers are made up of a battery, tank, atomizer, and e-liquid.


How does it work?

Most vaporizers are made up of a battery, tank, atomizer, and an e-liquid of your choice. Batteries come in all shapes, sizes, and designs. These batteries are typically a sealed lithium Ion battery that recharged via standard wall plug-in or cigarette lighter. Most will charge through a computers USB port, however it is ill advised to do so due to the ports not being designed to move that much power. An atomizer is best described as the wick. The wick is screwed in to the bottom of the tank and the other end is screwed on to the battery. When the button on the battery is held down the wick heats up, this is what heats the e-liquid creating a vapor. The tank is designed to hold the e-liquid of your choice. Tanks can range from 1ml to 6ml capacity. Tanks can either be a one piece tank including the mouth piece or a two piece that allows different mouthpieces to be used. Tanks also come in all types of designs, from mild to wild. The last piece of the vaporizer puzzle are the e-liquids. These liquids have excelled since 2011 and leave virtually no flavor untouched. From regular menthol, to bacon and waffles you are sure to find something to please your taste buds.


Did Vaping Work For You?

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Vaping VS Smoking

Acetone, Ammonia, Chromium, Formaldehyde, Lead, Polonium, Styrene, and Toluene are just a few of the 4000 chemicals, 400 of which are known toxins, with 42 known to be cancer causing, that are found in a single cigarette. The days of smoking Indian Tobacco were fairly safe, that is just not the case in today's huge, federally controlled tobacco growing and processing operations.

E-Liquid, also known as E-Juice are made up of three ingredients not including flavoring.

  • Nicotine - A chemical found in both cigarettes and E-Liquids. Historically Nicotine has not been regarded as carcinogenic, however Nicotine in its alone state in E-Juice has not been studied closely.
  • Propylene glycol - Commonly found in nebulizer's and inhalers for asthma. The USA FDA have classified Propylene glycol as "generally safe"
  • Vegetable glycerol - A chemical that is regularly put in food and drinks all over the world. Chances are you ingest this chemical daily.

Flavoring chemicals vary depending on the color and taste. Listing the chemicals here for every possible flavor is impossible due to the growing number of flavors. If E-Liquids are bought from a reputable company, chemicals are required to be of pharmacy grade.

Not only does vaping prove to have less chemicals, there are other pros to consider. With laws against smoking being written in to law daily it just seems so easy to vape. Many places will not allow smoking in public places such as restaurants and bars but will allow vaping. Vaping does not give off a fowl odor like cigarette smoke, this allows someone to vape virtually anywhere without causing issues. Inside of your house, car, or public business, it does not matter because vaping leaves no evidence of smell or ashes.

Costs are a huge plus when considering making the switch. In my state of North Carolina a pack of cigarettes cost $5.80. I can go to my local vape shop and purchase a bottle of E-Juice equivalent to a carton of cigarettes for $6.00 out the door. The occasional replacement of the atomizer is merely pennies on the dollor.

Financial Table

Cost's For a Day
Cost's for a Month
Cost's for a Year
The Expenses

How To Stop Smoking With Vaping

There are many ways to stop smoking and start vaping exclusively and you must find what works for you and do it your way. Lets look at my personal experience and how I kicked the habit.

I was a 13 year smoker of a pack a day, and more when bored or at functions of course. Picking up the habit at a young age ingrained smoking in to every aspect of my life. Tired of spending nearly six bucks each and every day on a pack of smokes was getting old. Tired of smelling like an ashtray and spending 10 minutes coughing and hacking every morning in the shower I began to look for another way. I wanted a painless way to kick the habit and not suffer, get fired, or get sentenced to prison time. I was introduced to Vaping by a good friend of mine and was optimistic about his experience with it. I found my local Vape shop and went and had a talk with them. They set me up with an eGO starter kit and spent some time with me explaining the ins and the outs. They gave me a guide to follow that ended up working very well for me.

  1. Juice - Juice is probably the most important part of your vaping experience. Thankfully my local vape store has hundreds of flavors and nicotine levels and are set up in a way that I could try each and every flavor. You need to find the flavor that most works for you. Find the flavor that is closest to the taste of your cigarette. Next you need to pick out a nicotine level. We started with the lowest level and worked our way up. The more nicotine that is in the juice the more burn you get. For me it was the burn that i needed to make me feel like I was still enjoying a cigarette, so I picked out a nicotine level that I felt would allow me to walk away from real tobacco.
  2. Realistic Goal - You need to set a realistic goal because quitting smoking is no easy task. A person that smokes a half pack a day's goal should be different than that of a three pack a day smoker. My goal was to stop smoking completely and then to stop vaping. My plan was to smoke and vape for a few days together. Vaping in place of every other cigarette worked wonderfully.
  3. Action - After a realistic goal is set it takes action to get there. After smoking and vaping for a few days I made the huge step of solely vaping. I started off a brand new day first thing in the morning and to my was easy. I simply stopped smoking and began vaping.


How Much Do You Smoke A Day?

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What Now?

Months had went by without a cigarette and I was loving it, but I knew what my goals were and what was next. The next step was to slowly ween my way off of nicotine entirely. The way this happened was simple. Every time a bottle of juice was emptied a new bottle was purchased at the next lowest Nicotine level. For Example emptying a bottle of 16mg juice and replacing it with a 13mg bottle of juice. Eventually the bottle with 0mg of juice was in my hand. I had successfully went from smoking, to vaping, to nicotine free!

E-Juice Bottles
E-Juice Bottles


When looking at the facts vaping is a clear winner and it can in fact change your life. With being able to vape virtually anywhere to the financial aspect of it, vaping should be an easy choice, especially when looking at the health risks involved with smoking. People all over the world have went from being 30 year, 3 pack a day smokers, to nicotine free. It takes a lot of hard work and a bit of a learning curve with vaping, but as you can see will be the best decision you ever made. Vaping will change your life!


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    • profile image

      Free Vape Juice 

      4 years ago

      Try a free sample of Vape Juice ~

    • Justin Frye profile imageAUTHOR

      Justin Frye 

      4 years ago

      That is great to hear. Just stick with it and spread the word!

    • jesimpki profile image


      4 years ago from Radford, VA

      Nice hub about vaping! I got tired of buying a pack of cigarettes every two days and bought a cheap starter kit and a bottle of juice and switched right away. I've saved so much money since then and don't feel out of breath when don't something as simple as going up a flight of stairs.


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