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Various Questions Related to Various Sorts of Allergies

Updated on September 19, 2011

1. What are the main angioedema pictures symptoms and the causes?

Angioedema is a swelling which takes place in the lower layers of the skin or usually in the mucosal lining of the cavities. The main symptoms of this disease are a deep welt on the skin or swollen red areas, which usually affects the lips and the eyelids. The swollen areas itch and there is a slight numb and a tingling feeling. Regarding the causes of the angioedema, it is usually classified in two types; acquired and heredity. The heredity angioedema is obviously due to genetic disorder while acquired angioedema is due to allergic disorder. The leakage of the bloodstream into the surrounding tissues causes them swollen and puffy.

2. What are the common food allegories in adults and how to determine them?

There is a lot of chance that the food allergy you might have in your childhood may carried to the adulthood. The most common allergies in adults are dairy, peanuts and soy, if you have been allergic to these foods in your childhood; the chances are that you may carry them as well. Sometimes it gets really difficult to determine the food allergy as the symptoms of it are common to other diseases as well but usually it is found. Some of the common symptoms are itching, fatigue, constipation, heartburn, stomach ache, abdominal cramps, swollen lips and face.

3. What steps should be taken in case of Atlanta allergy and asthma clinic?

If you have the pollen Atlanta allergy, you need to get proper diagnosis through a certified allergist. Also once you get the treatment, it is highly essential that you regular follow-up with your allergist as it can outgrow at any time and age. Such patients should always have a self-injectable epinephrine and if you feel any reaction at any time, you should make use of the injection as it can save your life. Since these food allergy reactions can be life threatening soeven in slight uneasiness you should use the epinephrine also known as EpiPen and you should immediately see your allergist even if your symptoms seems to improve.

4. What should you check while giving anti-allergy medicine for kids?

The anti-allergy medication is temporarily used to relive the symptoms caused by cold, flue, cough, breathing illnesses and allergies. While giving the anti-allergy medication to kids, it is highly important that you read the package instructions carefully before you start giving it to your kids. There are some products which have similar brand names but they have different ingredients with different uses and that can harm your child as well. So it is always better to ask your pharmacist if you have any questions or you are about to give a new brand anti-allergic medicine to your kid.

5. What are the quick home remedies for bee stings on the face?

If you got stung by a honey bee on the tongue or eyes, you should call for the emergency as soon as possible as there is a risk that your air passages get block causing breathing problems while eyes are something that should never be taken for granted. However for the other parts of the face, you should try to remove the bee sting as the venom will start to spread in the skin. This can be done with a help of tweezers or do it with a finger nail or a credit card. Make use of ice, as it removes the swelling and pain.

6. What is the systematic desensitization treatment Michigan?

Systematic desensitization is a treatment developed for the anxiety related disorders and phobias. This treatment helps in reducing the anxiety and panic attacks which arises due to fearful events. Once you learn how to manage your anxiety, you can practically use this technique in real life situations. The main aim of this treatment is to slowly and gradually desensitized to all the triggers which becomes the cause of your distress. You are first taught how to relax through deep breathing and muscle relaxation programs and once you have mastered this relaxation training then you are slowly identified to your fears moving from the least feared to the most feared situation.

7. How to treat insect bit children at home?

If some insect have bit your child then you should thoroughly wash the area with soap and water. After cleaning the area apply an ice pack or a cool compress on the area. Cooling the area helps in reliving the pain as well as swelling. A meat tenderizer solution is also very helpful especially for the bee sting, ant or wasp. Take one part of meat tenderizer solution and four parts of water; apply on the affected area with a cotton ball for 15 to 20 minutes. If you do not have meat tenderizer solution at home then apply baking soda paste.

8. What causes cough and wheezing after running on a cool night?

If you have just starting doing the running or jogging exercise then there are chances that you may start to cough and wheeze once you stop. This happens especially in children as when they run, they tend to breathe quickly and the lungs misses the warming and humidifying effects that takes place slowly through the nose. The cool and the dry air cause the lungs and the airways to become narrower which makes it hard to breathe. This is also known as bronchoconstriction and it takes place in people who do not have asthma. These can also be the signs of asthma so make sure you go through the checkup.

9. Does shellfish allergy and iodine allergy takes place at the same time?

People who are usually allergic to one compound may have the sensitiveness to other allergens as well. Sometimes it begins with a small skin rash but it can range widely to gastrointestinal upset to asthmatic wheezing and even death. There are some allergies which get linked together even though when they are totally unrelated and this can happen with the iodine allergy and seafood allergy as well. It is not mandatory that both of these allergies have to take place at a same time but they can occur too so it is better to be on the safe side.

10. What are the cat allergies symptoms and how to deal with the rashes?

Around 16% of the total population is allergic to cats and this does not happen to the people who have a pet cat but also to the people who go to a place where there is a pet cat or a cat nearby. Some of the symptoms are sneezing, burning eyes, and stuffy nose, clogged ears, ringing in the ears, wheezing, coughing and skin rashes. Skin rashes can get pretty worse in stress situations. It is better to seek professional help to know how the severity of the allergy is so that the doctor can prescribe the allergy treatment plan accordingly.

11. Does the acute bacterial sinusitis require antibiotics treatment?

Acute bacterial sinusitis seriously requires antibiotic treatment to reduce the infection and the illness and also to prevent some serious complications. Acute bacterial sinusitis can lead to bacterial meningitis, brain abscess and infection around the eyes so it is highly important to get the antibiotic treatment which usually compromises of 10 to 14 days depending on the condition. It is said that with the proper antibiotic treatment, over 90% of the acute bacterial sinusitis patients are cured. The cases of acute bacterial sinusitis which do not get cured to the first antibiotic course should definitely go for the second course of antibiotic treatment.

12. What is the right treatment of scorpion stings at home?

Scorpion does not sting without a reason, it is better to stay away from it but if you got stung accidently then you need to call the emergency as there are some deadly scorpions too. While in the meantime, you can wash the area with the soap and water and then apply cool compress on it. It can be created with ice wrapped up in wash cloth or some other suitable covering. This should be applied for at least ten minutes. If the scorpion sting in on a limb then elevate it to your heart level. In the meantime, the emergency would arrive and they would further treat you.

13. What are the common eye allergy relief herbs?

Eye allergies take places when the eyes get exposed to some new substance that your system is unable to control. The best treatment is the natural treatment. It is the best to wash the eyes with the herbs. Cayenne is an excellent herb for allergy eye relief. Also the herb known as Bayberry Bark is an excellent eye relief herb. It reduces the pain and also shrinks the inflamed tissues and reduces the secretion of fluids. You can put these herbs in your eyes blinking several times, so that the eyes are completely washed with the help of the fluid.

14. How many types of food allergies are there and what are the main symptoms of it?

There are actually four types of food allergies. Type 1 can lead to anaphylaxis within 60 minutes of the ingested food. The main symptom is that the blood vessels would start to dilate while you will have the running nose. This can be dangerous as well. Type 2 is almost like the Type 1. Type 3 takes place after hours of having the food. The main symptoms would be skin rashes and bronchi would start to block. The last one, Type 4 is known to be retarded action as it takes places after 24 to 48 hours of the ingested food. And it gets worse as more food is consumed.

15. How to enjoy life with allergen free foods available in the markets?

According to a survey in US there are about 90% foods that contain various sorts of food allergies. These contain dairy products, peanuts, fish food, egg products and soy products. In order to enjoy life you need to have the allergen free foods. There are plenty of foods that are allergy free snacks and sugar free foods which are of great taste and value of your money. These are also ideal for the diabetic patients since they require sugar free foods. Make sure you get some quality branded foods so that you can enjoy hassle free and allergen free life.

16. What are allergic shiners toddlers and what are its symptoms?

Some toddlers usually have allergic rhinitis also known as allergic shiners. In it dark circles around the eyes of the toddlers are caused due to nasal congestion. The allergic rhinitis or these allergic shiners also run in families and more commonly it is in children that have asthma or eczema problems. It is also found in children that are exposed too much to air pollution, pets and second hand smoke. It is important to control these allergies are the uncontrollable allergies can put your child at risk of getting some other infections like ear infections and asthma as well. If your child already have asthma, it can get worse.


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