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Vasectomy, it's the right thing to do ...maybe

Updated on April 21, 2012

Some people think I'm NUTS

Here's my kitchen book for men!

I can say now that I know how a woman feels when she goes to the "woman" doctor. I've been with Val to the OB/GYN on numerous occasion and I never gave much thought to the statement "take your pants and underwear off and get up on the table".

All jokes aside, Valerie and I made the decision to have a vasectomy after we got pregnant for the third time in three years. We had a two year old, a one year old and we're due again.

This one was more of a surprise than the first two and they were not planned. Val had been to the doctor and she had gotten the Murena IUD. I call it an IOU now.

The IUD had been in place for at least six months when we found out we were pregnant. The instructions said it was 99.999999% effective. Hmmm.

You see, after we married, we didn't use any birth control because we were trying to get pregnant. Then, almost two years later, boom. After the birth of our first child, we figured the well was dry. Boom. The second child was born 14 months later.

So, we studied.

We found that there are a number of choices for birth control. None of them can gurantee 100% success. We didn't want the pill because of obvious side effects. The shot was too long lasting, the sponge was too difficult, cremes and jellies were not desirable and the condom was just not cozy.

The only other choice was medical procedure. Me or her. I made that choice.

The doctor I used was fabulous. It was a female physician. I won't mention her name but I can tell you that she made me feel at ease.

Did it hurt? Well, yeah.

They gave me a local pain killer. I felt that. Then they cut and snipped. I didn't feel that. The only way to describe this is that it's a lot like the feeling you get when someone hits you in the privates. The only difference is that I paid for this experience. I got real good smarts.

One day after the surgery there was no pain. I followed the doctors orders and laid around with ice on my, well, thingies. I don't feel any pain. All I took was some ibuprofen. There's a small dull throb down there but I guess that will go away. The doc says it will.

In a few weeks, I have to bring a "sample" into the office to be checked. The thing is, they gave me this huge cup for a specimen. I mean it was a big cup. I find humor in the funniest places.

After the specimen is given the "all clear", my wife and I are free to have relations with no birth control.....that is after the baby is born. I know now that pregnancy is the only 100% effect birth control method because you can't get pregnant if you're already there.

Ladies, would you ask your husband to do this?

Vascectomy for the husband?

See results

3rd baby is less than 3 years.


After a full week all the soreness is gone. I didn't get to follow the Doctor's orders precidely like I should have. Don't be like me. She said to do nothing all weekend (I had the surgery Friday morning). I did nothing Friday and but that changed Saturday.

Valerie started having contractions Saturday and went into the hospital. I was home with the kids Saturday and Sunday. Chasing a two year old and a one year old around is not what the Doctor had in mind when she said "do nothing". Plus, I cleaned the house and did laundry and dishes. By Monday morning, I was hurting. I took Monday off. Val stayed in the hospital until Wednesday. She's better now, thanks for asking, and so am I.

Take the Doctor's advice. Relax and DO NOTHING for a few days. You'll be fine. It just took an extra day for me.


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    • stanleyreese profile image

      stanleyreese 6 years ago from Alabama

      Hold me.......(whimper).

    • stanleyreese profile image

      stanleyreese 8 years ago from Alabama

      It still hurts!

    • MeeK profile image

      MeeK 9 years ago from Norman, OK

      My gosh man! First of all, I appreciate your candid approach to the issue. I'm in day 3 of my recovery and I'll be sharing my experience within the next couple days. It seems to be going very smoothly, but I was recently let go from work, so I get to recover at home. Congratulations on your new addition and good luck on your recovery, both of you. Take care of each other.