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Vasectomy - A Good Family Planning Method

Updated on March 14, 2011

A perfect gift on Father's Day?

It’s not about celebrating Father’s day this third Sunday of June. This is a must to all fathers who have sired more than three or more children. Mothers are always in danger due to maternal complications and childbirth deaths. So, it is a must to practice family planning between the two spouses. If mothers cannot take contraceptive pills and have suffered side effects, then fathers should do something. Vasectomy is one, good option.

How it is done?

Vasectomy is a permanent method to interested fathers who don’t want to add more children in the family. Since it is a minor procedure, only a small incision or just a use of a medical needle is needed coupled with anesthesia to finish the process.

There are four types of operation you could from when undergoing vasectomy.

1. Scalpel method - obviously uses the scalpel to cut the vas deferens that is connected to the testicles where the sperm is produced.

2. Non-scalpel method - is the most effective and safest procedure that lasts for only 15 to 20 minutes. It uses medical needle to locate and prick then cut the vas deferens.

3. Open ended - The half of vas deferens near the testes is left unsealed for the sperm to circulate freely.

4. Vas clip - This method can be reversed once the father decided to produce children again.

Medical experts should do the operation. Arteries and veins supplying blood to the testicles should be taken care of.

When the vas deferens is cut from the testicles, fluids (semen) for ejaculation are still present in the tube. So, after vasectomy, fathers should rest first for a day and use condom during sex. After 20 times of ejaculation or more or less 3 months, you should undergo a sperm analysis to make it sure that it is safe to have unprotected sex with your spouse.

The sperm accounts only 4 per cent off the fluids being released after sex. Other parts that produce seminal fluids are the prostate, seminal vesicle and ejaculatory duct where the fructose came.

CMEN or the Cooperative Movement Encouraging Men To Have Vasectomy is very active nowadays, especially here in the Philippines. Dr. Samuel Vincent Yrastoza, M.D. Urologist said that more and more Filipino fathers are becoming aware of the importance of vasectomy. Although, the initial impression is that it can affect their sexual prowess, most of them are availing of this family planning method. They found out that it never affects their sexual relationship with their wives.

So, in order to avoid complications, interested fathers should consult the available urologist in the nearest outpatient clinic for a more suitable procedure. This will not only help one's family, but also improve the sex life of a couple.


Afraid of the complications his wife is suffering when taking anti-reproduction pills, the Filipino husband (name withheld) decided to undergo vasectomy. At first, he's afraid of the after-effects of the procedure.

His doctor oriented him first about the pros and cons of the procedure, then, he decided to take a try. After a week, he's as good as a normal father, as if he didn't underwent the minor operation.

His sex life never changes. He's still active if he wants to. He didn't have regrets undergoing the procedure.

He's happy because his drive to provide a good life to his family is doubled. He just hope that vasectomy will be received positively by other fathers.

No-Scalpel Vasectomy c/o dramatichealth


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    • gmwilliams profile image

      Grace Marguerite Williams 6 years ago from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York

      To travel_man1971: Right on! This is an excellent hub! There should be franker discussions of birth control. Statistics show that many pregnancies are unplanned. Of course, this has negative ramifications on the husband,wife and children involved.

      I beieve that many people are programmed against permanent birth control-sterilization. I am all for sterilzation, both male and female. I believe that when you are finished with having children and/or if you intend not to have children at all, sterilization is the only intelligent way to go.

    • travel_man1971 profile image

      Ireno Alcala 7 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      It's good to know about your 'guy' Wearing Well. Undergoing vasectomy never decreases the quality of manhood. It is also a way to enjoy your sex life without compromising the future of your family.

    • wearing well profile image

      Deborah Waring 7 years ago from Lancashire U.K.

      Just want to let you guys' know that sex after this procedure is still fantastic.My guy(post vasectomy) needs something to decrease his libido and as for myself there's something in that seminal fluid which makes me very happy!Our family is complete and therefore the best contraceptive for us:)

    • travel_man1971 profile image

      Ireno Alcala 7 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      I don't want to try it right now. I still need descendants that will follow my footsteps when I grow old. But given a chance, I'll choose the open-ended.

      When I shared it on Facebook, my male friends laughed at me. They don't want it. Most of them said, it's just like castration, that can lessen their manhood. Whew!

    • thesailor profile image

      thesailor 7 years ago from Seven Seas

      I would prefer vas clip method because it can be reversed once I decided to sire a child again. Thanks for this hub, travel man.