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After Vasectomy Reversing – Confused? Regret? The Best Guide To Testicular Vasectomy Reversal

Updated on August 27, 2011

What happens after vasectomy reversing.  Are you confused?  This is the best guide to testicular vasectomy reversal.  So, what is it all about?

This is when a man wishes to reverse his vasectomy in order to have children primarily.

The procedure requires the blocked tubes or vas deferens to be unblocked, thereby allowing the sperm to mix with the fluid contained in his ejaculation. However, vasectomy reversing can have its limitations and risks. It’s, therefore, wise to consider the techniques associated with artificial insemination as the first consideration to a reversed vasectomy.

I may also add that some men consider a vasectomy after reversal. I know this is a bit forward in thinking but worth considering because the reason in the first place is still just as valid as before.

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** Not for the Squeamish **

Give Me Back My Manhood! Vasectomy Reversing is the Key! Why?

Some men after a vasectomy have feelings of depression and a type of mourning for their lack of ability to procreate. Some may even regret it and keep the vasectomy a secret from friends, acquaintances and family. There maybe a sense of regret and inadequacy. Some men may feel this and it is perfectly normal. As time goes on, most accept the new reality and enjoy a sense of freedom.

It is also worth considering that many men with this ‘feature’ are highly sought after by women who do not want the risks of pregnancy but still want the fun. However, there are a very tiny minority that might want to reverse the vasectomy due to the psychological effects.

It is for this reason that counselling is very important prior to the vasectomy procedure so as to avoid such regret. The medical practitioner has to be sure that something so permanent is the right choice to make. This enables the patient to have an informed choice.

Vasectomy reversing is a procedure that the medical practitioner, patient and patient’s partner feel will not be an option in the future and that the patient knows the level of commitment involved. However, chronic depression in the patient may lead to consideration of reversed vasectomy should their feelings not subside.

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Post Vasectomy Pain Syndrome is a Good Reason for Vasectomy Reversal

Some patients may suffer with Post Vasectomy Pain Syndrome. This is a chronic pain in the scrotum and testicles. It seems to present itself in a small number of patients who have already been through the process of vasectomy. This pain can occur in sexual intercourse, ejaculation and physical activity.

Researchers reported that those who suffered from Post Vasectomy Pain Syndrome goes when the vasectomy has been reversed. Post Vasectomy Pain Syndrome affects a small proportion of vasectomised during intercourse, ejaculation and activity. As a chronic pain, some men cannot live with this potential side effect and the only way to attempt to minimise this is by having a reversed vasectomy.

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Vasectomy Reversing - My Life Has Changed!

Life is an evolving changing thing and situations change. The patient may have a new partner where they wish to have children of their own or there may be a need for a vasectomy reversal because of some tragic situation surrounding a death of a son or daughter. Although it is understood that another child can’t replace the loss, sometimes couples feel there is a place for another in their lives to love. These circumstances may not have been predicted during the counselling with the medical practitioner who sanctioned the vasectomy procedure in the first place. Vasectomy reversing is, therefore, an option worth considering.

So here we recap on why men consider a reversed vasectomy:

  • Regret and depression
  • The effects of Post Vasectomy Pain Syndrome
  • There may be a change in the patient’s life where there is a desire to procreate children.

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So What Are Your Chances of Success with a Reversed Vasectomy?

The best chances in vasectomy reversal are those who have had a method of past vasectomy surgery known as Vas Clip. This is when the tubes or Vas Deferens have been clipped as opposed to cauterisation, tied or stitched. However, the sooner the reversal takes place, the better. Those who have had a vasectomy within 5 years of the reversed vasectomy are more likely to have success than those who had the procedure in ten years, for example. The sooner, therefore, the better! Success rate falls over time.

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If The Vasectomy Reversal is Unsuccessful, There Are Other Options Available!

Life holds no guarantees and this is especially the case with vasectomy reversing. There may be a problem with another part of the reproductive system, a problem with the fertility of your partner (for example age) or there may be presence of sperm antibodies. These factors can provide problems in the success of re-establishing your fertility.

If the first attempt at reversal is unsuccessful, it is possible to try again. However, the chances of success with this are even less than the first time. Between you and the medical practitioner, you will both talk over what option will be best for you.

An alternative to this is a procedure where sperm is removed directly from the testes and transferred by injecting into the partner’s egg for plantation in the womb. It would be wrong of me to increase your hopes in this procedure, as the chance of success is less than the attempt at vasectomy reversing.

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Reversing the Vasectomy - What To Expect In Surgery - and Vasovasostomy

This procedure is very similar to the vasectomy itself. It involves day surgery under local anaesthetic with a sedative, although you will have an individual care plan set out for your own individual need. If you want to read ‘What to Expect in Surgery’, please click here for my Rough Guide to Vasectomy. The major difference is, however, you will not have the tubes cut or tied, and instead they will be unblocked and repaired.

Your surgeon may feel that you might need a general anaesthetic. If this is the case, you will have to prepare before hand with fasting instructions, however, all this information will be provided should you go ahead with the surgery.

The procedure usually takes 1 hour to complete and can be done by a technique called vasovasostomy. This is where an incision is made in the same place as the original vasectomy operation. The scar tissue is removed and the tubes are gently pulled through the incisions and repaired. The tubes are then placed back into position. Sometimes one tube is saved when it isn’t possible to repair both. The wound is then closed.

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Vasoepididymostomy Is An Option

A more complicated procedure that involves joining the Vas Deferens or tubes directly to where the sperm is stored in the testicles (epididymis) is called vasoepididymostomy.  This is technique is usually used when it has been discovered that the tubes have been irreparably blocked either from the initial vasectomy or reversal.

Vasoepididumostomy - Go Directly to the Testies, Bypass the Damaged Tubes!

Vasectomy Reversal - Complications?

Well, I don’t want to scare you but it has to be said… just so you know! Complications are very rare but there are risks in any procedure. These include:

  • Reaction to the anaesthetic
  • Bleeding to excess
  • Infection
  • Deep vein thrombosis as a result of a blood clot
  • Damage to one or both testicles. This is known as testicular atrophy.
  • Testicular pain - associated with pinched nerves or scaring. This may need further surgery should this occur.
  • You still may be sterile and unable to produce children.

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Aftercare – Surgery

If you have been elected for a general anaesthetic you are expected bed rest. If you have had a local anaesthetic, your general health assessment, for example blood pressure, and you have urinated, you will be free to leave. You will probably need some supporting pants to ease any pressure.

If you have had to have plastic tubing fitted into the scrotum – which sometimes happens due to excess fluid – you might have to stay in hospital overnight. This is just procedure. Once the tubes have been removed and you are able to urinate, you will be allowed home to recuperate.

Prepare for someone to drive you home and be with you for 24 hours, as you might need some assistance.

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Here's Hoping For Success!

Aftercare - Home

Here are some guidelines to help you during the healing process:

  • Wear sensible, non restrictive, clothing – it might be helpful to wear some firm underwear until it feels more comfortable.
  • Avoid heavy lifting and vigorous exercise for the first four weeks.
  • Avoid alcohol, driving and machinery operation for the first 48 hours (particularly after a general anaesthetic).
  • Bath regularly but don’t scrub with soap and flannel. Pat dry.
  • Don’t be surprised to have bruising and swelling for a few days after the operation.
  • If you have had a general anaesthetic, don’t be surprised if you feel sick for a few hours afterwards.

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Vasectomy Reversing Summary

So now you know a bit more about vasectomy reversing, what to expect from surgery, aftercare surgery and the scars incurred from the surgery. Of course it will take some time – about 5 years - after the scars have turned into the appearance of fine threads, at which time you might consider a vasectomy after reversal! If you want to read more on this, please click here. However, for the time being, you are probably thinking in terms of a having a successful reversed vasectomy and getting pregnant. You are probably worried that to reverse may lead to failure. A ligation failure is disappointing but remember that if you don’t try, you could regret a missed opportunity. There are many routes you can take so never feel disheartened, but encouraged that if you have already gone through a vasectomy procedure, then you will be able to do this. I wish you good luck and good health!

© This work is covered under Creative Commons License

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