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Will You Be Their Voice?

Updated on August 18, 2016

Eat Your Pets

Most of us have had a pet or two, which raises the question "would you eat your dog or cat?". I asked my clients and readers, the general consensus is no, but what really fuels this kill-free lifestyle?

Who Could Eat This Little Guy?

Sweet little Doggy!
Sweet little Doggy!

Are Pigs and Dogs Really the Same Thing?

When you get home and put your keys on your table and sit down after a long day of work. More often than not your dog will be the first to happily greet you with love that is unwavering and indiscriminate. This is the image of a pet for most of us, but what about those odd cases where a happy potbelly pig greats there owners lovingly with snorts and squeals. If you wouldnt eat a dog why would you eat bacon? Here are a few celebrities who say there pets have shown them just how wrong eating meat can feel.

  • Megan Fox
  • Miley Cirus
  • George Clooney
  • Paris hilton

heres a link to that list

A Double Standard

We have all heard the phrase "Double Standard" used when referring to human issues, therefor is it not the same for animals? If you wouldn't send your dog to a slaughter house allowing them to be electrocuted and bled to death why would you do it to a pig or cow? There are so many healthier alternatives to meat why wouldn't you take advantage of it? We all feel pain, fear, love, happiness and sadness and it is no different for the animals we share this world with. Im not trying to guilt trip you these are just the facts. Without a voice animals will not be heard will you be their voice?

Even Cows Like Music!

No Change For The Wicked

I know that people who eat meat are not truly wicked, but we all have a responsibility to change for the better. Kindness and respect to all living things and creatures gives you a sense of belonging to the earth itself. We humans know ourselves to be intelligent, kind, courageous, loyal, and beautiful. Its high time we prove it, to each other and our brothers and sisters.

Comments Questions? I Welcome Everyone's Thoughts and Opinions You Are All Truly Beautifull

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