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Vegan Living

Updated on August 30, 2009

Vegan Living

By Grace C. Visconti 2009

Vegan living is a sacred journey of the body, mind and spirit. This journey not only involves eating a diet devoid of animal products, but also is an approach to life that is both compassionate and reverent. Respect is given to all life on this planet by maintaining a consciousness that is aware of suffering or lack thereof, which is applied to every process that we interact with and consume in our daily lives.

Environmental concerns are also an issue with Vegans, since land and water is extensively used in factory farming and testing of animals in the preparation for consumption of animal products. With a plant-based diet, no animals suffer and therefore we do not allow this lower vibration to become a part of us. As Vegans, respect for Mother Earth, which is part of the process in sustaining our lives, plays a large role in leading a reverent life. By choosing the kind of processes we wish to have in our daily lives, we define who we are in the present and beyond. Every thought, word and action affects our beings.

It is beneficial to make preparations to become a Vegan if you are transitioning from a meat-oriented diet. This allows you to ease into the Vegan diet. Nutritional needs can be met through extensive research and planning. Vegans eat only plant-based foods. They don’t eat foods from animals, including meat, poultry, fish, milk, eggs and cheese. A Vegan diet eliminates foods having B-12 and foods with milk products that are a good source of calcium. Vegan permitted foods that are adequate substitutes are available to avoid nutritional deficiencies. It’s best to keep a chart handy of allowable foods with their nutritional value to make food preparation easier while maintaining an adequate nutrition standard.  Supplements can also be taken to make up for any deficiencies.

There are many studies, too numerous to list, that have presented similar results. Vegan diets lower the risk of these conditions: colon cancer; heart attack; high blood cholesterol; high blood pressure; prostate cancer; diabetes and stroke. Compared to a diet that is high in fats and hidden sugars, the Vegan diet also reduces the risk of inflammation and autoimmune diseases according to The China Study. This was an extensive study done in China with millions of people over a number of years. Conclusive evidence revealed that a diet of excessive animal protein is one cause behind the consistently high and variety of illnesses in this studied population.

Veganism also creates better flow or CHI in the pathways that enable a sharp, perceptive consciousness. When the CHI is blocked and our biological systems are impeded, it affects everything else energetically. When you think of our beings as pure energy and our bodies as the vehicles, then what we put in our bodies to keep that energy going has an effect. This is precisely why Yogis and those who maintain a strict spiritual practice are Vegans. Their connection to the Creator is facilitated due to this unimpeded flow in consciousness during prayers. A reverent energy is the foundation of Vegan Living for good reason.

A more heightened sense of one’s creative power is also felt when the digestive system is free of side effects from trying to assimilate processed foods with all of their additives and chemicals. What we put in our bodies is what they process or don’t process and it effects us on the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual levels. However, this is not widely known nor is the general public informed. The “dumbing down” of the masses through misinformation resulting in poor nutrition has robbed them of their right to choose a more reverent way of life. We are all connected. Taking responsibility for how we choose to live and what we put in our bodies affects everyone energetically.

Vegan Living is a conscious choice to lead a life where the path of least resistance is the rule of law. Reverence and peace for all living things enables us to respect ourselves. It begins with a state of mind and follows through with a process that encourages us to become even closer to the Creator in thought, word and deed. Vegan Living may not be for everyone but the beauty of this existence is our right to choose. Those individual choices may or may not bring peace and balance to our planet. Choose wisely.


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