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Control Your Stress By Vegan Eating

Updated on September 25, 2013

Stress Is Like A Fire

The strain of any event is what causes stress

A lot of us are dealing with stress. I'm sure you can agree our environment breeds stressful events in our lives. I bet many don't even realize just how this stress infiltrates other areas of our existence. The strain of any event is what causes stress. We can't escape the fact that mental or physical exertion, regardless of origin, has consequences, that in some way will affect us. In our modern society the source of stress can be pollutants in our drinking water, poor nutrition, concerns with personnel relationships, to working a job that we're not liking too much.

"Stress is like a fire. When controlled and used for a purpose, it serves us well. Left unbridled, it can consume us." We have to get to the point where stress isn't controlling us. That's not easy in these days and times. Some are suffering from health problems directly associated with strain. We must find a way to not allow stress to over take us.

Stress Comes In Three Catagories

Grow beneficial stressors

Many have gone to doctors complaining about their energy is diminishing, they have memory lapses, low irritation level and making simple decisions are difficult. You know how it goes, you go to the doctors office and he or she says "take it easy." How can you take easy when you have a job to go to, maybe you're raising children. This advice in itself causes stress because productivity is down and what happens? You're under stress about that. So what can you do? Grow beneficial stressors and eliminate unbeneficial stressors. "It is possible to greatly reduce stress and it's debilitating effects without reducing productivity." Stress comes under three catagorie: uncomplementary, complementary and production.

North American's total diet is uncomplementary

Uncomplementary stress is not beneficial at all. This stress need to be cut out of your life or greatly reduced. 70 percent of the average North American's total diet is uncomplementary. That's a lot isn't it? Environmental stress is 10 percent, an example of this is air pollution. psychological stress is about 20 percent, this would be worrying about the future, setting unrealistic goals for yourself and so on. I found it interesting to know that if a person receives frequent unconstructive criticism from someone they love, that person develops a weaken immune system, but if this negative criticism comes from a stranger it have no effect on their immune system. How many of you ran into negative criticism from loved ones...better eat you wheaties.

The greatest source of uncomplementary stress for North Americans is nutritional Stress which is about 70 percent. Nutritional stress is define as any food that put strain on the body because of its unhealthiness. Most people are on foods they consider stables, but, these foods fall under the category of processed foods. Processed foods have been separated from it's nourishing factors. Most people get their meals nowadays in the form of fast and convenience foods. People are not eating enough nutrient- dense whole foods, raw, fresh. Are you aware of this? Foods rich in vitamins and minerals, enzymes, fiber essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and probiotics are the way to go. Without this nutritional foundation your body will fall apart first chance it gets and will not function properly for you, and of course this adds to your stress.

Exercise To renew Your Cells

Complementary and Production Stress

Exercise is a form of complimentary stress because it stimulates renewal and encourages growth. This is the best way to renew your cells. Looking younger is ideal for most people, if it is for you give it a try it. I think about Jack Lalane, you know the man that had that exercising show way back and in recent years he had an infomercial selling his juicer. Look how long he live into his 90's and he could still get around and was functional. I'm not a big fan of exercising, but, I know when I move about, like walking, I feel good. I am a vegan eater and when I'm with my grandchildren people have to look twice to figure out whether I'm the mom or the grandmother, I like that, of course!

Production Stress is created when you try to achieve a goal. It's unadvoidable if your life is going to be productive. I know when I had the goal of owning and operating an in-home daycare, it was stressful, I had to get my license, make sure my home was safe for the kids on so on, but, I enjoyed it. I learned so much about the business and got to know and understand children. Sometimes it was gruelling but "a certain amount of stress is an inevitable component of achievement."

You Have The Power To Live Sickness Free

You have the ability to take control of your health, by doing this you can be energtic, and free of sickness. Picture this: If we all had optimal health, ideal body weight, we wouldn't have weird food cravings, we wouldn't be tossing and turning at night because of the inability to sleep. We wouldn't be popping stimulating foods to give us energy. Thinking clearly would be a breeze. To bad most of you aren't in that group. Know why? Your symtoms are often treated, getting to the root cause is ignored. Eating the vegan way is getting to the cause of the health discomforts. If you treat only the symptom the ailment will come back at you with a 2x4. You don't need that. Eating vegan is a way to eat a healthy well-balanced diet that has staying power. Eating more vegetables and fruits helps your body conserve more energy. You'll find you don't have to eat as much to stay full because the brain turns of the hunger signal. I found when I started eating this way I didn't have to be concerned with counting calories. My extra pounds rolled off.

I bet you never thought that the very way you eat each day could be a huge contributing factor of stress in your life. In changing unhealthy eating habits your body is better able help you to the type of life you want and need for yourself.

Brazier, Brendan (2007) Thrive, The Vegan Nutrition Guide to Optimal Performance in Sports and Life


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