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Vegetable Juicer Recipes and Their Health Benefits

Updated on August 6, 2013

Benefits of Juicing

Vegetables are a great source of a variety of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, enzymes and phytochemicals - substances found in plants that have potent antioxidant abilities and help protect us from cancer and heart disease. More and more of these phytochemicals and other beneficial substances are being discovered in vegetables consistently and this process doesn't show any signs of slowing down. For this reason supplements (even though they are beneficial) can never be as beneficial as vegetables and other real foods. Rotating the vegetables we consume also greatly improve the benefits we achieve from them because each vegetable contains different kinds of phytochemicals that work against different kinds of cancers in different ways.

The Bio-availability of Juicing

Juicing Vegetables

Juicing is a great way of adding lots of vegetables to your diet. Vegetable juice contains the whole vegetable with the exception of fiber - the indigestible part of a food - so the juice contains almost all of a vegetables health giving nutrients and phytochemicals. In fact juicing may actually produce more. An abundance of phytochemicals are found deep in the fibers of vegetables that we would not access simply by eating them. Juicing chops up these fibers extensively releasing the phytochemicals to pour forth into the juice. This can also increase the amount of living enzymes in the raw juice. Living enzymes are proteins that help with digestion and other metabolic functions but are destroyed by cooking methods.

The removal of fiber in the juicing process also increases the bio-availability (as well as the concentration) of the nutrients and phytochemicals in vegetables. The lack of fiber greatly decreases the load on the digestive system allowing a lot of the nutrition to be absorbed almost directly into the blood stream. A glass of vegetable juice will have been completely absorbed into the blood stream within 30 minutes of drinking it! Eating whole vegetables takes about an hour and half to digest provided they are not mixed with any other kinds of food.

In case I am sounding anti-whole vegetables, let me quickly explain! First and foremost eating vegetables is the priority! Juicing should be a healthy addition and definitely not a substitute for eating whole vegetables. Fiber is very important to our well being and we need lots of it for optimum health. I am simply explaining here what the additional benefits of juicing are :-)

Vegetable Juicer Recipe

Vegetable Juicing Tips

1) Go organic whenever possible. Non-organic vegetables (and other produce) are sprayed with pesticides that can contain lead and arsenic. Arsenic and lead are the two most hazardous substances respectively according to the ATSDR! Besides these two toxic heavy metals pesticides also contain a plethora of other harmful (and often carcinogenic) chemicals too.

2) If you can't get organic then it is a very good idea to peel the vegetables. Because the vegetables are sprayed most of the pesticides will be embedded in the skins. So we can cut down on the amount of pesticides in our vegetable juicer recipes simply by peeling.

3) The stems and leaves/greens of vegetables are very nutritious and in some cases may be more nutritious than the actual vegetables. So it is recommended to the stems and leaves along with the vegetables in your juicer machines. Carrot stems and rhubarb greens are two exceptions because they contain mildly toxic substances.

4) If you like juicing potatoes avoid juicing those with green patches on them, The chemical that produces the green color, called solanine, can induce vomiting, diarrhea and stomach cramps.

5) For a list of some great recipes visit vegetable juicer recipes.


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Juicing is one of my favorite things to do. It even helps me to enjoy some fruits that I do not enjoy eating.

    • Richard Thomas profile image

      Richard Thomas 

      8 years ago

      I have been trying to eat and drink a lot more healthy lately. It does pay off straight away, you start feeling better just cause you're doing something good to yourself!

    • Mireille G profile image

      Mireille G 

      8 years ago from Kansas

      I love juices, I use a vitamix and I love it.


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