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Vegetarian Love

Updated on September 16, 2014

Vegetarianism is better for over all well being

Hi All,

Many people who knew me when I was younger have asked why I became a vegetarian. I want to just share some of the reasons with you all and encourage my meat eating friends to consider changing their diet.

When I was younger I was a meat eater and I thought that eating meat was one the to ten pleasure in the world. I could barbeque and cook meat to the delight of others. My friends and I use to have food consumption contest to see who could eat the most fried chicken. I know the joy of growing up in a meat eating culture, but that was when I did not know any better.

One day I was thinking about how the meat got on to my plate. Wow, we really have to kill those animals who have done us nothing just so we could enjoy meat eating, that just did not seem right. I thought I was a compassionate person, but when I really thought about it, I knew eating meat did not respect the life of the animals, they were getting slaughtered for my pleasure.

I then started to do more research and I learned from working in the medical field and reading studies 1) People who eat meat have a higher chance of getting cancer. 2) Eating meat is bad for the environment. 3) According to studies the human physical make up is not designed to eat meat.

Even after I learned all this I was thinking, but meat taste so good! If I become a vegetarian I am going to have to eat like a rabbit or starve to death. I also thought that animals eat other animals so what is the problem. Hey I would have been a good lawyer for meat eaters at that point in my life.

Then that voice in my head kept nagging me "time to change, time to change, time to change!!". I wanted to change but I was not sure how others would react. How will I go through such a major transition. In my heart I knew that what makes a human being more advanced than animals is that we have the ability to change our nature and control our senses.

I was in my late teens and I tried to become a vegetarian on my own. It lasted about a month and then I quit, it was just too much for me at the time. Then I was reading a book that talked about Karma and reincarnation. I thought about it and I always believed in Karma, and reincarnation. The book made it clear that by engaging in meat eating we are not creating good karma. I will not get into the details, but it was enough to get me to try again.

I learned about a spiritual practice that encourages vegetarianism and supports the people by providing free vegetarian meals. Hey, free food and it is aligned with my goals, this sounds like the opportunity that I have been seeking. I began spending time with the group and I learned more about why it was in my best interest to change my diet. I began to make progress, it was a process to change my mind and my taste buds, but in my heart I knew I was on the right track.

The event that pushed me to change with determination was when one of my friends who use to coach me bought me a vegetarian cook book. We use to sit next to each other in class and eat together. I would share my struggles with her and she would talk to me about how she changed her diet, and how she felt better from the change. Her sincere love for me and her good nature won me that day.

I was struggling with giving up sea food. That was the last challenge and at one point, I did not think I could win. It was with her help and group support that I was able to make it to my goal. I finalized the change in my diet 9 years a go and have been stable and happy ever since.

I have learned to cook various vegetarian dishes avoiding eating just rabbit food. I also started running road races anywhere from a 5k to marathons and I feel great. I finish in the top 25 percent most of the time. I mention this because I thought that I would not be able to be an athlete as a vegetarian. In sort, everyone of my concerns were overcome and I feel great by eating more natural foods.

I care about the health and well being of all, this is why I chose to work in the medical field. I hold no judgements towards meat eaters because I understand conditioning and the senses are very strong, in determining what we do as humans. Yet, I firmly believe that when w know better we should strive to do better. I write this with love and compassion, I hope you my reader accept this hub in that spirit.

If you are interested in learning more you are welcomed to read the following links:

Good wishes always


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