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Very Simple and Powerful Rheumatism Treatment

Updated on June 15, 2014

Crystals of Urates In Polarized Light

excess urates when absorbed by the blood were stored in the joints
excess urates when absorbed by the blood were stored in the joints | Source
natural anti rheumatism food
natural anti rheumatism food

How to eliminate uric acid

Generally, everyone knows that rheumatism and arthritis is a pain from joints aside from gouts. Patients of this condition are suffering and enduring the painful chronic condition simply because they don’t know how to get rid of these poisonous urates deposited in the joints that it becomes lifelong.

The uric acid is collected in the joints in a crystallized form which causes pain. However, if a person lives on natural food, this will become more soluble and be taken up by the blood for transmission to the organs for elimination.

Basically, uric acid is the cause of all rheumatism. The principal source of this poisonous material is by eating meats. The organs can, under ordinary conditions and without strain, eliminate only three grains of uric acid per day, whereas a pound of meat or fish contains fourteen grains. Liver contains nineteen grains, and sweet breads seventy per pound. Beef tea is saturated with uric acid that it can aptly be described as artificial urine. The same is true of chicken broth and other meat extracts.

Circulating about in the blood stream, it finally comes to rest at the joints and bones in the form of urates, which are solids. Then you begin to marvel why your joints are no longer as bendable as they were when you were a child, why you cannot run and leap any longer with agility, why even being in a crouching position for a minute or two, seems unbearable because of the pain.

These urates or salts, once deposited, are dormant, in the sense that they no longer move about from one part of the body to another. Under a cooked food regime, however, the system, although not suffering any acute inconvenience by their presence, gradually becomes so heavily loaded with these that a chronic form of suffering, known as rheumatism, gradually appears.

You may ask about what will happen when a sufferer from rheumatism changes to the natural food system of living?

The urates will begin to be dissolved by the action of the alkaline elements in the natural food. They are then thrown out again into the bloodstream and battle these urates to disperse for elimination, as previously stated. The patient will again then suffer, in many cases intensely; will suppose that the food he is eating is the cause of the pains, when in fact it is the dislodging and elimination of the long-stored-up poisons. There can be no cure of a permanent nature unless these are eliminated from the system.

While they are on the way out you will suffer acute discomfort, but when the process is completed you will be rid of these pains for all time. Your joints may even become as supple as those of a youth, in time.

Many people do not believe that rheumatism can be cured permanently. They find it very hard to get ways to cure it because they are not persistent and eager to help themselves and wait the time that it will be cured.

Simple Rheumatism Treatment

To begin with on how to avoid and cure rheumatism, you must start living on natural and healthy foods especially fruits and vegetables and no meats plus at least 8 glass of water consumption daily.

It is also best that you make it a habit drinking 350ml or 1 glassful of water after waking up in the morning every day. Do not eat any solid food within 1 to 2 hour time. This will give time to your internal system to cleanse at first hand. Within 1 to 2 hours, you already had done your task in the morning including the exercise. Add this to your lifestyle from now on and avoid any meats.

Prepare to add to your food preparation: Raw sliced tomatoes and onion plus ginger chop or chopped finely.

Mix them altogether adding a pinch of salt to taste a little. Have these in your meal everyday and observe the result in three to six months. There should be improvement to be noticed. If the treatment is not met during this period, just continue doing these two, drinking glass of water after waking up and the raw food mix preparation. It is good to have these in your meal regularly from now on and even if the six months is over.

To speed up the cleaning process, take a blood-heat Epsom salt bath once a day, just before bedtime. Get sunshine on your body; increase the length of your sunbaths as you feel your strength increase.

If during the periods of treatment, you suffer intense pain, draw blood to the afflicted region by hot applications, followed by a cold sponge. Then regular exercise is best to get the muscles to absorb it.


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    • noenhulk profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      Thanks for the good comment. I myself until now have all these in my daily meal at least once a day of the onion, tomatoes and ginger.

    • ChitrangadaSharan profile image

      Chitrangada Sharan 

      4 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Very useful hub and I am sure this treatment works for those affected with Rheumatism.

      Voted up!


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