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Vicks Vapor Rup A Home Remedy For Hemorrhoids

Updated on March 2, 2010

Have you ever heard of vicks vapor rup for hemorrhoids? Every year you will find people spending tens and thousands of dollars on expensive medicated drugs so as to treat the symptoms of itching as well as pain from both internal and external hemorrhoids. Both kinds of hemorrhoids can be caused by straining for defecating because of chronic constipation. If you are finding it hard to sit on the toilet for long or if you are finding it hard to lift heavy objects then it is quite likely that you are suffering from hemorrhoids. The fact cannot be denied that the over the counter medications help in soothing minor cases of both internal as well as external hemorrhoids, but then you can treat the same with the help of less expensive and equally effective home remedies.

Vicks vapor rup for hemorrhoids is an effective home remedy that is sure to help you out. If you are planning to use vicks vapor rup for hemorrhoids then you should first reach out to dime sized drop of vicks vapor rup on your finger. Next, you need to apply a generous amount of vicks vapor rup on your internal as well as external hemorrhoids.

Instead of going in for the direct application technique, you can instead apply the vicks vapor rup on your underwear. This allows the vicks substantial time so as to absorb as well as the start off with the healing process on the internal and external hemorrhoids.

You are most likely to experience a moderate or slight burning sensation by applying the vicks directly to the internal and external hemorrhoids. This is absolutely normal and helps you feel relaxed within a couple of minutes.

Most healthcare workers as well as physicians will suggest you to go for a sits bath. Here you will have to sit in a bathtub containing shallow water for 10-15 minutes so as to relieve the pain as well as welling of the internal and external hemorrhoids. If you want to speed up the treatment process of the internal and external hemorrhoids, you can add one teaspoon of vicks vapor rup in the warm bath that you’ll be using for your bath. Vicks vapor rup for hemorrhoids is an effective solution because its steaming action with the warm water will lead to an immediate cooling sensation to inflamed and swollen hemorrhoids.

You can opt for any of these options or work on both simultaneously so as to heal the pain, swelling as well as itching of the inflamed internal and external hemorrhoids. Prefer opting for these options at lease one to two times in a day. However, ensure cleaning thoroughly after a bowel movement either by using a soft toilet tissue or by using baby wipes. But then, make sure that the soft toilet tissues are well soaked in witch hazel.


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    • profile image

      curious 18 months ago

      How long will it take for the hemorrhoids to go away if i apply vix on the internal and external?

    • profile image

      Tru 3 years ago

      I have tried EVERYTHING for relief of my Hemorrhoids from homeopathic remedies, nonprescription ointments as well as prescription creams. They all seemed to provide only temporary relief. When I tried Vicks Vapor rub for a reprieve of my symptoms, I received immediate gratifying relief. Pain was gone almost instantaneously and the vapors kept it cool. So glad I found out about this!!!

    • profile image

      xx 5 years ago

      I have tried it and it really works better than any other products labeled for hemorroids. If your butt is hot and burning the Vicks will cool it and the menthol helps to numb the area.

    • profile image

      laura 6/11/2012 5 years ago

      yes it really works for years i have spent a lot of moneny on many treatments with not much help or relive my friend turn me on to this really helpful treatment vicks is a winner for treatment of hemorrhoids

    • profile image

      nita 5 years ago

      so true feels great

    • profile image

      sam 6 years ago

      this really works if you are worried about it burning ...don't it feel cool and helps with the soreness and itching