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Vinegar Rules

Updated on October 27, 2011

Apple a Day

by JR Hager II
by JR Hager II

Wonder if this babe still works there?

(this Hub's creation started from a comment I made on Marye Audet hub page titled: Homemade Toothpaste)

-Great HUB, but I've taken it a step further, or maybe a step back. I'm not into all the tasty tasty sweeteners and smelly good things, always wanting to keep it simple, but benaficial. Baking Soda is a base, vinegar is an acid.

For a time I used arm and hammer paste, but after several years have gotten a warning from my dentist a few months ago that I needed, or would need, root canal work if I didn't have fluoride treatments as well as other 'Dr. goodies' As I've stated in other hubs - I always question authority especially from people in white coats. (taking their track record in consideration)

So I started to brush my teeth with plain old Baking soda, then flossing, then I 'fire-up' my water pic with a 50/50% solution of water and vinegar. I'm always amazed how squeaky clean my teeth feel at the end of my regiment. But nothing was more amazing than the report I got from my dentist six months later. It seems I won't need root canal after all...... "Duh," I could hear my daughter say,"why didn't you just tell me about the vinegar, dude with a stethoscope.Your the one with the mass quantities of education and knowledge. You'd have me go through mouth surgery ...." Thankful I can think out of the box, it was less money out of my wallet. And I'm not much for surgery anyway. I think the morning of your surgery the anastezialagist should be by your bed, so they can just carry you in.

Funny, my dentist hasn't mentioned a thing about his prior plans for my mouth.....nothing! Didn't even ask what I'm doing. Maybe he smelled my vinegar breath and decided not to go there. "It's all in the money, huh doc?"

My  Y o u T u b e  Channel

The next problem I had that I wanted to put to the test was my flaky dandruff. Head and shoulders seems to work, but again the doc-doc, or rather 'quack' is more appealing, had told me to give it a try and, "if that doesn't work for you I have something stronger. I bet you do, I thought. Then he added, "You could have a psoriasis problem."

The head and shoulders was so strong it made my hair dry out and become brittle, and I certainly didn't need that side-effect; I was loosing my hair as it is. So again I went natural and bought me a whole gallon of the 'bad apple juice' - which turned out to be a fraction of the cost of the head and shoulders. I put half and half in a squeeze bottle and anointed my head after my shower and then in the morning and let my scalp soak in it the whole day. I may have smelled like a salad, but here's to tell ya, dear follower and friend; in less than two weeks I had the problem no more. Now I just do it once a week, and more in the dry winter months.

The next problem I wanted to address, or rather; 'nip in the bud' - love that, was my planters worts on the bottom of my feet. I am a big swimmer; whether it be in the summer or winter I find it hard to pass up a few laps in a pool. So I was saddened to find out from 'you know who,' that in most cases these surroundings were breeding grounds for fungus, and it's cousin; worts. He also said, surprising to me, that he hasn't an ointment or salve that will completely get rid of it, "we'll have to burn them out because of the root system they have."

"Wow," I said, "they are like a weed? Maybe we better try some 'Round-up,' I added, with a poke of sarcasm. He failed to see the humor. "I'm not able to do it today, we'll have to make an appointment for later on this week." Yea, right, I thought. This is a job for VINEGAR !

And it did it quite well, but it took the longest to achieve. I used half of a cotton ball fairly moist with full strength vinegar under a large band-aid on each wort during bed time. After two weeks it decreased in size. After the third week they were hardly noticeable but I kept them there for another two weeks; considering the root system 'you know who' had mentioned ,,, but again; vinegar worked wonders. Vinegar Rules !


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    • profile image

      Bob Hager 7 years ago

      ...what an article - and well written and thoroughly documented.

      I thank the writer for his interest and feel that he took my very thoughts and transposed them into his paragraphs in a very delightful and somewhat humorous manner. I must read more and often........

    • johnwindbell profile image

      johnwindbell 7 years ago from - the land of beards and buggies

      ........get that damn Crest ad off the top of my HUB Page !