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Vision For Tomorrow

Updated on September 9, 2014

New Attitude

Hello World
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I have a new vision for myself. It is combined with an old vision that I haven’t been able to reach and that is of living comfortably off of my own income. I had always wanted this income to via my personal writing. Since childhood, I dreamed of being a one of many great American novelist. I’d still like to be one, but I am not disillusioned with the idea coming to fruition any time soon. This is the case because I lack the discipline needed to be a serious novelist. I can come up with a story, some awesome characters and start writing. My starts never come to completion. Many have never got to the end of the first chapter.
Writers work hard at their art. It is a job. Unless their first book becomes an instant best seller, they will spend hours each day turning out books to keep themselves with food on the table and a lifestyle that they want. I don’t have such fortitude nor do I have the desire.
I think it’s rather funny that I can go to a regular job and work 7 to 8 hours straight each week for that dependable paycheck, yet cannot sit doing something I love, and earn an income at it. Perhaps it’s the fear of my love affair with writing turning into a chore to earn a living. Perhaps I simply work better with the pressure of a supervisor flaring the whip at me to get the job done perfectly and quickly, or I am a worthless slave not deserving of a paycheck in their eyes. I seriously doubt that.

Promise of tomorrow


Turning point

There are many ideas that run through my mind. Many interest and many things I like doing. I have a great voice and read well so I’d love to do voice overs or narrate books. I have enjoyed acting on stage and being photographed. I love producing media content from videos, audios and plays. There are many things I enjoy on a domestic level. Cooking is a favorite. My love of plants have grown to the point of at one time in my life I had a plant and florist business. Gardening and I have been friends since childhood. Farming has been a dream of mine since I first laid my eyes on Laura Ingles and her family.
The down side is my attention span is short. When large challenges present themselves I give them a license to turn me into a quitter. These challenges can be anything from:Not finding the help I need to go to the next step.

  • Haters, who interfere with my successes then find ways to shut me down.
  • Spending more money then I’m earning. (I will never be selling Avon Cosmetics again)
  • Losing interest in the subject.
  • Not having enough time to give.
  • Mood swings.

Then one day I read a book called Rich Dad Poor Dad, by Robert T. Kiyosaki. His book made a lot of sense, but the one thought that resonated with me was the term “residual income”. I had never heard of it before reading this book and I liked its definition. (Residual income is earning a stream of income even when you're not on the clock) Oh, yes. That’s what I am talking about. It’s like having a successful television show and having it go into syndication. You’re still getting paid for the work done even when you’re at home enjoying your family, or vacationing on some romantic island, or tending to your vegetables.
Unfortunately, as soon as that syndication reaches its end, so does the money. Therefore, it is important to have multiple income sources, so if one dries up you have others to support you until you replace that one. That is, if it even needs to be replace

So what do you think?

My Plan

I don’t need to be rich. I would like to be comfortable. Ideally, I would like to have 4 sources of income generating $40,000 per year after taxes and insurance is paid. When it’s laid out like this, it’s not as difficult a concept as say trying to find a job or a source of income that brings in, $116,000 per year.
With this in mind there are many avenues one could choose to go. There is rental property ownership. One could purchase and build a number of franchises. There is selling things you make or import like jewelry, design t-shirts, handbags, makeup, skin products and so on. Dog walking, baby sitting, adult care, and property maintenance. Freelance writing can earn a person $25,000 to $60,000 a year depending on one’s discipline for writing. Money is being made on the internet with blogging, vlogging graphic design, and customer service work. Ideas are limitless as to what a person can do to earn income.

I have implemented several ideas. My vision for tomorrow is growing to fruition with the work I put in today. What is your vision? Have you started brainstorming your plan? Better get started because no one is guaranteed a pension, social security or a solid 401K plan any more. Start your multiple streams of income now that will lead you to a comfortable life later on your residual income

Trying out YouTube


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