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Visualization Meditation

Updated on July 23, 2011

Many of us use visualization without realizing that we are even doing it. Have you ever fantasized about the latest gadget? Have you ever thought about your favorite food, and your mouth started watering, or you swear you could smell it? Maybe as you read books, you can picture the story in your head. These are all types of visualization.

Even if you are not a visual person, don’t conclude that you will be unable to do this type of meditation. Simply involve your other senses. Some people are very good at picturing things in their mind and seeing them very vividly, but most people are not. Visualization is not just about 'seeing' pictures and scenes in your mind. It can also be perceiving or receiving inner impressions, a clear thought or idea, intuitive feelings, inner sounds or simply a 'knowing' that is undescribable.

When using this type of meditation, you should try to engage as many of your senses as you can. Suppose you are walking down a long and empty beach in the morning. You look all around and you see the ocean, the beach, and some trees. Can you smell the ocean? Are you able to feel the sun warming your skin, a cool breeze move across your face, and maybe the cool water on your feet? Can you hear the ocean waves, the birds chirping, or the leaves rustling as the breeze moves through them?

This type of meditation is good for relaxing, making positive changes, stress reduction, and to enhance learning. You can visualize a relaxing scene or place, healing, or any other mental image. Visualization can be guided or unguided.

The visualization meditation can be used for a multitude of things. This can simply be a special place for you to go to experience an inner comfort and peace and guidance. This can be about seeing and experiencing yourself and your body being healed. You can use visualization to detach from, objectify, or communicate with a pain, illness, or disease. You can use this method to travel, forward or backward in time, in order to gain insight and awareness on life matters. Healing the body, mind and emotions with energy by using the various forms, shapes, and colors. You can also use this method to communicate with your subconscious, higher self, spiritual guides, or the Divine.

Some people find it easier to start with guided visualizations in order to help them discover what they like and what works for them. Other people like coming up with their own visualizations, or just letting their imagination take over. You also have the option to record your own guided visualization. This is great if you know what you want to do, but enjoy being guided, and cannot find what you are looking for.

When doing this type of meditation and I only have a certain amount of time, I will usually set a timer for myself. I started doing this after I discovered that I can easily lose track of time during my visualization meditations.

At times, I will find that it’s difficult to start a particular visualization, and when this happens to me, I will attempt to switch to a different visualization. Listening to my intuition helps greatly in this matter, also. I will want to do a specific visualization to help with healing or visit the ocean. Once I start my visualization, however, my intuition will tell me to visit my spirit guide. I’ve learned that it’s better for me to listen to my intuition, because I will not be able to do the visualization that i had wanted to do. Instead, I find that I have trouble concentrating, cannot sit still, etc... So I will visit my spirit guide, and very often she has something important to tell me. So it’s a good idea to not feel that you have to do a specific visualization. Be adaptable and do the visualization that feels right for you at the time.

I personally, love this type of meditation simply because of the versatility of it. There are so many different visualizations that can be used and adapted for anything. It is my hope that everyone has fun trying out new and different visualization meditations, and I hope that you find them to be as beneficial as I have.



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