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Updated on October 24, 2012
Quality resources for deep visualization support.
Quality resources for deep visualization support. | Source

Visualization as a Key to Success

There is always a debate on the best methods of visualization and what one is able to actually accomplish by using this tool. Yes, I called it a tool. That's because when we visualize, we are creating a mental image. Sometimes, it's an image of something we have seen before such as an apple or a lime. The image can even be used to create a feeling.

A good example is to picture you sitting on a front porch in midsummer. There is a cool breeze blowing from the East and the chair you are sitting on is an old wooden rocking chair with a cloth seat pad. Now I am sure that, as you read those words you were feeling the warmth, the breeze and the rocking chair with the cloth pad. The descriptive sentence above could also have been part of a guided meditation. In either case, however, you should begin to understand that visualization is a tool.

Visualizing What You Want

From a Martial Arts point of view visualization is a very important part of practice and learning. Not just the self defense movements but also it is used as a matter of focus. By this I intend to demonstrate an exercise utilized in the practice of any Martial Art or sport for that matter. The exercise is focus of thought, and it takes place in our mind. First it is the conscious mind that paints the picture we want and during this process the subconscious minds picks up the image and goes to work causing the image to eventually manifest.

The way to perform the exercise is simple to explain but it carries with it a level of difficulty. The exercise goes like this. Say you are a Basketball player and you want to become a better shooter. The steps to make this happen follow. Find an empty court and go there and practice your toughest shot.

Do this for about an hour. Then go home clean up and go about your day. When it is time to go to bed take out a pen and a piece of paper to write upon. What you will write is:

  • Your name, (as if you are talking to yourself), example, “Bob” you are becoming better at making, (your toughest), shot.

  • You can see it with your mind’s eye; you can feel the ball roll out of your hand at just the precise moment.

  • You see the ball go in the hoop every time you take the shoot.

  • “Bob” you will allow yourself to read this piece of paper just after awakening and you will allow yourself to see yourself make the shot.

  • You will allow yourself to read this paper just before you go to sleep every night.

Your name need not be in quotation marks. But, I'm sure you understand the point. This is an exercise on focus and visualization as steps for success. Read the paper every night before you go to sleep, and every morning after you wake up.

Visit Guided Imagery Downloads for more visualization techniques for relaxation, healing, comfort and success.

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    • Klavdija Frahm profile image

      Kendi 5 years ago from Slovenia

      Lately I'm reading a lot about visualization, manifestation... Interesting hub, voted up.