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Vital Issues You Must Overcome For Successful Intermittent Fasting

Updated on June 2, 2017

Firstly, Congratulations!...SERIOUSLY

Ok, firstly, congratulations on committing to intermittent fasting. You are truly and alpha who loves to have complete control over your own destiny. You are shaking off any vices and will not allow yourself to be controlled as a victim of mass junk food marketing, not simply go to the gym, eat and hope for the best.

YOU understand that in order to have an amazing aesthetic body that is attractive, you must undergo what so few other people are willing to go through, that few other people will really ever understand and they will spend a great deal of time discouraging you.

But this Hub is designed to harden your resolve if you ever feel like breaking.

You have your own motivations. I get that. They will be different from mine. Perhaps you were picked on in school. Perhaps you are learning how to divorce and some of the divorce advicesays you must pull your entire life back together, including your health and fitness. Perhaps you are training for your first competition or you have admired somebody from afar and want their results but have been failing in your resolve to do as they do on a daily basis.

But all that Intermittent faster's go through tends to be the exact same thing.

Everybody who attempts to follow the intermittent fasting path will feel that great hunger, will stuff their face, feel fat, feel too skinny, constantly think of food and wanting to break when they see that doughnut or cake. But there are deeper issues, from the opinions of others, your relationships, your own mind messing with you and a voice that constantly plays out in your head, getting louder and louder that we are going to explore here.

Once you are aware of these issues, and understand others are going through this too, you will have much greater control to make it through to the end.

If you are to stick to the intermittent fasting game plan, there are some vital issues you must overcome in order to be successful.

Vital Intermittent Fasting Issue 1 - Body Dysmorphia

It is very easy to begin suffering from body dysmorphia when intermittent fasting. Some times you will be extremely impressed with your results and then other days you will just be cranky with yourself for sliding backwards, not seeing results and feeling that nothing has changed and therefore suffering needlessly... Perhaps this is similar to being married to a naggy, doom-saying partner for way too long. And the result is the same. You will need to divorce yourself from the evil voice inside your mind.

There will also be times where you are having social photos taken out at a bar with friends and when you see them, you suddenly thing you are getting way too skinny and therefore start believing you must break the fast and eat much more.

Then, if you break your fast and eat much more, you will start going insane over what you can allow yourself to eat, worrying it will just go back to the areas of stubborn fat.

Yet at the same time, when you train at the gym, you always notice your strong arms, shoulders, back and stomach. When you train you look as fit as hell, if you have been at it for a while. Out of the gym though, in photos, in the mirror and in certain clothes, you will constantly feel your body shape changes from hour to hour.

Why is this happening?

Well, there are several reasons and also ways you can deal with training induced body dysmorphia.

1 - You don't actually have a base model, even though you believe you do.

Believe it or not (as if you haven't seen and heard this before...), those models you are comparing yourself against are photoshopped. Many times, the abs are enhanced and their jawlines are hardened. Also, in order to get a very cut appearance for that photoshoot, they have gone without water for a couple of days to really dry out. photoshoot's are done successfully by ridding yourself of water retention over several days leading up to the shoot. It is also the same for on stage body building competitions.

These people suffer from headaches due to dehydration, which also can coincide with depression and mood swings and it is really short lived.

And so your base model is incorrect. And as big as the Internet is, there really are not too many images of realistic, and I mean, REAL, ACTUALLY, usual digital camera in front of the mirror images online to compare yourself to. You are comparing yourself to a non-existent ideal. And while that may inspire you, it can also defeat you unless you slay this beast and understand the difference between total media B.S and actual reality.

2 - Your mind is really playing tricks on you.

It's not your eyes. It is your mind. Nothing is ever good enough to ease the yelling of that evil voice. What is happening is that you are catching yourself in the mirror on strange angles, perhaps sitting down when your belly folds. Maybe you look up at yourself, and it feels like you have a tick neck as opposed on a downward angle that reveals your big eyes.

You cannot possibly be in a posing position all day. Photographers will shoot a model for hours on end, just to get that perfect shot and so if they have spent years mastering their photographic skills and still take hours with a model, imagine how difficult it is to always look your best when you walk and move naturally.

The solution is quote simple. Pose, catch yourself on a good angle and then walk away from the mirror. DO NOT linger. That voice cannot scream at you if you aren't stuck frozen in front of a mirror.

Body Dysmorphia is common amongst intermittent fasters

Vital Intermittent Fasting Issue 2 - Everybody Has a Different Opinion and You Are Listening to Them All

I have personally found how uneducated most people are when it comes to fitness and dieting. It seems that after college or university, people really only learn about the job they are good at and then only small amounts of filtered education throughout life after that, mastering nothing. And this is especially true with regards to health and fitness.

Everyone has an opinion but so few are willing to back up their opinion with solid, self-applied experimentation. And this is what YOU are doing. You are personally proving what works.

As you strive for your goals, people will attempt to knock you off by putting more food on your plate at a dinner event (Thanks mother...), ensure you are eating your dessert and telling you that you are becoming too thin.

Others will throw you off by telling you that you are losing your muscles. They will tell you about the 6 small meals a day theory. They will tell you that if you don't eat more that you can lose your gains within the next 24 hours.

If you have a partner, he or she will want to go to dinner with you and then tease you about just eating the salad. Also, they will tell you that your dinners are not romantic. Well, who cares what you eat?? Let them worry about their own stomach.

Online there is also so much 'Broscience'. Many forums will have guys talking about how much they eat and show their huge muscles, without ever giving away that they are using some kind of steroid or muscle enhancer. they also will not tell you what they do for work. Many guys do hard physical labour in their jobs and so are always exerting energy. therefore they will naturally eat more.

But if you have an office job and you are sitting down a lot, how can they know what is right for you?

With so much free information out there to throw you off balance and so many people in your life challenging your resolve, intermittent fasting becomes a major challenge.

Time has proven that some of the most successful intermittent faster's are single and are living alone. They set their own day. If that is you, you have an advantage. Don't waste it. It is simply a short term sacrifice of your relationships.

When you return they will simply love you more you will be much more prepared for a fresh partner.

An Intermittent Fasting Motivational Video - Before and After

Vital Intermittent Fasting Issue 3 - Extra Sexual Attention... But You Just Don't Care About It Anymore... Yet You Feel Isolated and a Little Lonely

The following challenge will come across as the thought of an egoist. And in some ways it is. However for any man or woman conquering their health and fitness to the point of obsessing over diet and intermittent fasting, and of course gaining great results, you are going to understand. And there are two competing opposites that will start making you feel crazy.

Perhaps for years you wanted to feel more desired. You wanted the opposite sex to desire you, to want to date you and of course, find that amazing partner.

Now that you are becoming extremely fit and your mind is constantly on your self development, now that you are getting much more of the attention you once desired, your dreams come true, you now don't want it because it will just throw you off.

Yet, there is another competing feeling inside you and that is of feeling isolated from others. You feel you don't relate to many people now but you do want to connect. It is difficult to get into a new relationship or keep an existing one and you feel this growing sense of isolation.

Here is one huge challenge and it actually is a great one. But it has a MASSIVE downside.

As your body gets tight, you WILL receive MUCH more sexual attention, or at least sexual advances. If you have never had to deal with it, you won't know how to handle it. if you have had to deal with it then you will know that it is simply another challenge that throws you off your path.

Why? Because attention from the opposite sex fills your ego. You will steer your attention to the pleasure of their attention and very soon you will find yourself in another relationship with somebody who does not intermittent fast, who does not care so much about their diet and who begins challenging your resolve.

You will stumble and you will fall. And you will probably begin to find that most relationships do not suit you. It will make you feel like an egoist. You will feel rude for avoiding the attention of the opposite sex unless it is completely on YOUR terms. For example, fasting takes planning and so you may find yourself only dedicating one night per week to somebody who is now REALLY into you but they will constantly contact you for more time.

You may find that you simply wish to be left alone to complete your goal.

And therein lies another issue with Intermittent Fasting, where you divorce yourself from many of your current relationships. It was never your intention by controlling your diet completely to strip fat has taken a massive priority. And it can lead to isolation and loneliness.

I believe connecting to people on social media has been a good, mild alternative than the heavy time involved in seeing people all of the time to 'catch up'.

Just really be aware that this cannot last forever. At some point in the future, after you have navigated your feelings of isolation and the unwanted attention, which seem to be two intertwined polar opposites, you need to come through on the other side and reconnect and live and love in abundance, yet still find a way to stick to your plan.

Hugh Jackman on Intermittent Fasting For Wolverine

Peoples Frustrating Opinions on your Intermittent Fasting

A Motivational Song To Keep You On Track At The Gym, Diet and Intermittent Fasting. I love this track

Vital Intermittent Fasting Issue 4 - The Ongoing Mental Challenges

They say that if you always threw your rubbish into the bin to the right of your desk and you move that bin the the left, for the next two months you will throw your rubbish on the floor.

What I am talking about are your habits. Habits are so hard to break. That is why there are so many people who just habitually eat, habitually smoke or habitually drink in order to gain courage.

It can be the same habit for a hairstyle, fashion sense, way of typing on a keyboard or way you get up in the morning. So for a long time, you may have fallen off your path with Intermittent fasting, breaking your fast earlier than expected because you couldn't handle the hunger pangs, deciding to eat that dessert put in front of you, drank alcohol at that party for some social courage, or just ate too much because it was there.

But finally, you conquered intermittent fasting and it is now completely ingrained in your daily life. You are so specific with your diet. You know your eating times and you refuse to break them for anybody.

You see the results! You see your amazing body that you have sculpted through a brilliant diet, intermittent fasting and many nights and mornings of fitness training.

And now it is affecting your life in negative ways, such as your relationships with others, with simply enjoying a restaurant meal, a vacation where you are required to relax but you cannot stop!

You have created so much momentum that you are constantly training. Your REAL reasons to totally change your life, whether it was a painful divorce, breakup or health scare ensure that you will NEVER go back to who you were and you now associate so much pain to breaking this new habit that you cannot relax.

You will suffer from a great deal of mental anguish as you move from being really strict, to attempting to allow love back into your life or to allow others more of your time, to throw you off a little.

You might begin creating a time cost analysis for your relationships to find when they correlate with your eating times, intermittent fasting times and gym time.

Life has become a schedule for you and you really like it. And you are asking yourself, "Why break this? My habits are fasting tracking my life success! My income is increasing, I am saving so much more. I always have energy. And I am confident within."

Yet, there is a demon voice that constantly plays as to when you eat, how you will spend your time, whether an activity you have been invited to is worth the time cost analysis, whether it is better to stay at home to complete some goal instead of enjoy the company of others.

You cannot let go of control and intermittent fasting has become a symptom of a greater mental anguish. It is actually automatic now. You have been doing it for so long that you couldn't imagine life any other way. And why should you? You are an awesome machine.

But your brain is constantly at you, begging you to eat, to exercise, to monitor your time, to schedule friendships, romance and planning everything around when and what you can eat,

You resolve that you simply don't want to lose all that you have gained and maybe you will just have to put up with that voice running through your head pushing you to great success in life.

Female Success in Intermittent fasting

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Training and Intermittent Fasting Motivational Music

Should You Continue With Intermittent Fasting?

The science is out and it is showing that people who control their diet through intermittent fasting can live up to a third longer. They are avoiding many of the physical ails that most people suffer from in their twilight years, have much greater energy, less injuries, less age related disease, physically look younger, have more resilient, tighter skin, eyesight and much greater brain function.

While other people enjoy their alcoholic drinks, processed food, abundant meals that play havok on the body's energy and systems, intermittent fasting is proving to keep the body regulated for maximum adventure.

Perhaps you are the leader and others will follow. Perhaps it just takes your evolution to spark inspiration in your circle of loved ones.

The feelings you have that have been attempting to thwart your success, the thoughts of others, the isolation, the body dysmorphia, the voices are simply years of social conditioning.

Mastering the art of Intermittent Fasting will teach you to master all other areas of your life, including one of the most fundamental, your financial abundance.

As you time cost your meals and friendships, you will begin to cost all of your food, your spending habits and how much time it takes to earn the money you earn. You will definitely save much more money through intermittent fasting. But you will also learn the fundamental principles involved in what makes a person successful in life, through drive, passion and focus.

Hopefully, these voices and external influences will eventually fade away.


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