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Vital Facts about Remedies to Stop Snoring

Updated on January 7, 2011

Remedies to stop snoring

Remedies to stop snoring

Remedies to stop snoring have been studied and developed for many years. This is good news not only to those who are suffering from snoring but also especially to those who are exceedingly bothered by the irritating sound. Snoring is very much disturbing for people who are around the snorers. It ruins their chance of having a comfortable sleep and deprives them of energy for the next day’s work. This article brings some important remedies to stop snoring, for your benefit. Each solution corresponds to the cause of your snoring problem.

Start with these self-help tips, as listed below:

Lose some weight:

You snore from being overweight. Fat deposits buildup around your throat making your airway passages become narrow for air to pass. Narrowed airway contributes to these unpleasant sounds to form.

No alcohol and smoke:

Alcohol and smoking causes muscle relaxation which in turn, causes respiratory muscles to relax and leads to the vibration of the tissues during breathing.

Don't lie on your back:

Sleeping flat on you back causes your tongue to drop at the back your mouth and narrows your airway. Slightly elevate your head during sleep to promote better sleep and minimize snoring.

Clear out nasal passages:

Stuffy nose makes respiration harder because some of these nasal secretions may pool around your throat causing you to snore. Use nasal decongestants, drink more fluids, and use steam inhalations. You also need to bath in a warm shower before going to bed because this will help open up the nasal passages and clear the blocked sinuses.

Good sleep Habits:

Poor sleep hygiene can also cause snoring. Working too much without allotting adequate time for sleep will make you sleep profoundly deep; and such deep sleep is usually accompanied by loud snoring sounds.

Medical Treatments

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP):

This is a machine used to keep the blocked airway open. A device introduces pressurized air into a CPAP snoring mask you wear over your nose.

Dental Appliances:

These are effective in reducing snoring. It looks just like the mouth guard that an athlete or boxing contestant wears as a protective mouth guard. It opens the airways by slightly moving your lower jaw or the tongue forward to encourage a comfortable and snore free sleep.


Surgeries like tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy can enhance airway size by removing the tissues that cause the problem. Also there are specialized snoring surgeries like Injection Snoreplasty, Somnoplasty, nasal pillar installation procedure etc. These surgical options should be relegated to occupy the last rank, amongst the list of remedies for snoring.

Laser Techniques:

Due to technological advancements in the current period; doctors are able to utilize laser therapy to remove certain parts of the flabby and toneless soft tissues that make you snore.

Alternative Therapies:

Not many people believe in opting for alternative treatments for any disease, because of the lack of complete knowledge about these holistic systems of medicine. Yoga therapies, Acupressure, Magneto therapy, homeopathy have all been used since ages to treat a myriad of health issues, and that includes snoring too. So why not give a second thought at trying one of these safe and harmless modes of treatment to tackle your snoring?

It is common knowledge that snoring can damage your personal and social relationships; but you probably have not yet realized that it could very well affect your professional life too. Lack of adequate and restful sleep at night is bound to drag your energy levels down and make you feel fatigued, listless and incompetent for your daily work.

Each of these remedies to stop snoring can be very helpful for you. It aids for a better quality of sleep, and make you feel rejuvenated next day. Don't let snoring affect you and your relationship. Stay healthy and start it with a good sleep.


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      words2inspire 7 years ago

      Very helpful information!

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      Maurice Price 7 years ago

      Your welcome, and there is plenty more articles like this at

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      Mrs asif 7 years ago

      Nice info about snoring.Thanks