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Vitamin C Powder for Skin Care

Updated on August 1, 2012

Vitamin C is the most popular and talked about vitamin of all, one which is needed in abundance for healthy and youthful skin. Not that it only helps our skin, it is a necessity for healthy skin. Consuming the right amount will protect your skin cells while applying on skin will retain the youthfulness.

Vitamin C powder is a form of supplement that can be consumed with water or juice. And it also can be used to prepare vitamin c serum to apply on face and body. Usually powder form of vitamin C is used to prepare different homemade skin care serums.

Why Should You Use Vitamin C Powder

Vita C is easily oxidized in air. Chances are the Vita C lotion or cream you use is partially or mostly oxidized after being opened and used for a couple of weeks. You can create your own DIY vitamin C serum with the powder spending only 1% of the money you spend for those skin care products. Again, you may also add C powder to those lotions or moisturizers to ensure a high amount of vita C to your skin.

Fruit juices also contain vitamin C but in little concentration. Lemon juice contains only 0.05% C vitamin and the high amount of citric acid present in the juice makes it too acidic for the skin. A typical vita C lotion should have 5% to 10% concentration which can be achieved easily with vita C powder.

Currently RDA recommends 75 mg of Vitamin C for women and 90 mg for men. This amount placed by RDA is mainly to prevent scurvy (a vitamin C deficiency disease). Scurvy is a rare disease today but an increased amount of vitamin C can protect us from many other chronic diseases. Many researchers are now questioning the amount, suggesting RDA should double the amount (200 mg for both men and women). More vitamin C means more protection against chronic diseases and a healthy skin free of aging signs.

Natural Sources of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is the most consumed vitamin which can be found in most fruits and vegetables. Remember, fruits and vegetables are the only natural source of this vitamin; you won’t get any from animal based foods. Most people don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables (five to nine servings per day is standard) and thus suffer from vita C deficiencies. Foods that contain high amount of this vitamin are,

Guava (per 168 g): 377 mg

Papaya (1): 187 mg

Bell peppers (1 cup): 117 mg

Broccoli (1 cup): 100 mg

Grapefruit (1 cup): 85 mg

Strawberries (1 cup): 85 mg

Orange (1 medium sized): 70 mg

Types of Vitamin C Powder

Granular L-ascorbic acid is commonly available as vitamin C powder. It has a tart taste and can be mixed with water or juice. Another form is buffered powder of C vitamin. This type of powder often contains other minerals to make the powder easily digestible.

Vitamin C Powder Benefits

C vitamin is available in tablets and capsules but powder form has its advantages. It is free from additives and can be digested by our body quickly. Children who have problems with tablets can consume this powder easily with water or juice. It is less expensive than other available forms of C supplements. Cheap yet effective vita C serum can be made using this powder.

Things You Should Know Before Using Vita C Powder

Our body is unable to produce or store vitamin C. That is why it is absolutely necessary that we consume this vitamin regularly. Consuming a lot in a day and then not getting any for a week is not an option. For best effects, consume twice a day instead of once.

Consuming a huge amount of vita C might upset your stomach but slowly your body will adjust to higher doses. Do not use Vita C serum on sensitive skin. Vitamin C oxidizes quickly. Keep away from light and moisture in an airtight bottle.

Always use a sunscreen after applying a vitamin C serum if you are going outside. Do not use Vitamin A and C serums at the same time. They make each other inactive and can cause unwanted side effects.

Benefits of Vitamin C for Skin

Vitamin C is a potent nutrient for our skin. It works not in one but many ways. Free radicals present in our skin damages skin cell structure and collagen (a key component of our skin that keeps the youthfulness intact). The antioxidant properties of Vitamin C minimize the damages. It also helps to heal wounds and burns quickly. Aging spots and marks on our skin can be reduced or lightened by Vita C. Vita C helps combine the toxins present in our skin and remove them. It also minimized the effects of eczema.

Vitamin C reduces sun-induced skin damage and improves skin elasticity. It is essential in the production of collagen. Many skin care treatments contain C vitamin to increase your collagen production. Consuming and applying over the skin both works simultaneously to stimulate collagen growth. And thus, the concentration of this super vitamin in different skin care products is increasing more and more by the day.

However, it should be mentioned that Vita C is not the only thing necessary for our skin. Selenium, copper, zinc, vitamin E and other vitamins and minerals in adequate supply is also necessary for our skin. Leafy vegetables, fruits, eggs, oysters, lean meat etc. are good sources for those.

Vitamin C Powder for Skin

Commercial Vita C skin care products usually contain very little amount of this ingredient. Due to high sensitivity, the longer it takes to reach you from its packaging day the less it carries to you. So, the best option is to buy vitamin C powder and make your own skin cream.

A simple serum can be made mixing this powder with water and vegetable glycerin. Another option is to mix the powder with your favorite face cream or body lotion. You can mix it with your moisturizer too. Apply regularly and it will keep your skin glowing and reduce the aging signs, wrinkles, fine lines etc. With increased collagen production, your skin will regain its tenderness.

Vitamin C Powder for Face

You can prepare a simple yet highly effective vita C serum for your face with the powder. Mix C powder with water and glycerin to form a paste and your antioxidant serum is ready. Not storable for long, better prepared in small amount every day.

Another recipe for an antioxidant serum would be the mixture of

4 TSP of rose water

1 TSP of glycerin

1/8 TSP of Vitamin C powder

This mixture can be stored in a clean airtight bottle for a week. One way to determine if the serum is OK or not is to check the color. If the serum turns yellowish, it is no longer effective.

Face Mask

You can use this powder to prepare face masks at home. You will need

1 TSP of Vitamin C powder

½ TSP of water or for dry skin ½ TSP of aloe vera gel

Apply the mixture on face (except under the eyes) and keep it for 15 minutes. Use a soft washcloth to clean your face.

Vitamin C is the purest form of ascorbic acid. It is present in skin care products in forms of L-ascorbic acid, ascorbyl palmitate, tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate and magnesium ascorbyl phosphate etc.

Many people get most of the C vitamin needed for them through supplements. And many of them now prefer the granular form of Vitamin C, known as Vitamin C powder. It has a nice citrus scent and can be consumed (mixed with water or juice) or applied to skin.

Vitamin supplements often contain junk materials like silica, different flavors, artificial colors etc. Vitamin C powder is free from these junk additives and offers 100% pure vita C for your body. Vitamin C can do wonders in removing aging signs from your skin. Regular intake and application will keep your skin youthful and healthy even in your 50s.


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    • profile image

      delores taylor 3 years ago

      I would like to order the V-C power for facial peel



    • profile image

      Naher 4 years ago

      Here at Bangladesh vitamin C powder is not available. Can i use vitamin c tablet to make my serum?

    • Lumos profile image

      Lumos 5 years ago

      Thanks Victor Cals. Acerola is truly the best natural source of vitamin C.

    • profile image

      Victor Cals 5 years ago

      Acerola is one of the fruits with highest amount of Vitamin C (more than 1.000mg per 100g and it tastes great. =)